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– Kang Mae

Different?  Didn’t you want to be different? (more…)

“Temptation of wife” of SBS reached view ratings of 40.4 for the first time on January 29.  In spite of heated debates over the unrealistic storyline, the dramas seems to follow the successful footstep of a recently closed drama of KBS, “You are my destiny”. (more…)

Kim Jun the member of male singing group T-Max gets to act and sing in the drama, Boys over Flowers


Members: Shin Min-chul, Park Yoon-wha, Kim Jun

First Released Album: Blooming, 2007


So ji-sup comes back to a new drama after 5 years’ rest. Will he make it again? (more…)


Kara is a female dancing group in Korea.  The five members names are Han Seung-yeon, Jeong Nicole, Gu Hara, Kang Ji-young, Park Gyu-ri.


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