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Boys over Flowers only has two episodes left but there is another pretty woman joining for the last two episodes.  Her name is Kim Minji and her role is Yumi, the fake lover of Gu Jun-pyo.  There has been so many pretty women in this drama already. 


Why does it need another one for when it is almost finished the story?  Of course she is in the original story as Woo-mi that stays with amnesiac Jun-pyo.  It is not a big role that usually a spot for a new face, not like Kim Min-ji.  I guess all the entertainment companies and actresses want to jump into this bandwagon and enjoy its popularity even in the last minute.  I feel for it but also makes me sad to watch a drama that is not really gear toward the story, but try to be recognized by many viewers.


Jandi is finally giving up.  She just can’t have Jun-pyo against his mom.  As Jun-pyo calls her a witch, she just can’t get enough of her.  She also threatens to take Jihu’s foundation down if she continues to seeing his son.  She makes up her mind and takes a trip to a beach with him and spends a great lovely day together.  Jun-pyo is so happy because he can feel that she is full of love and enjoys being with him so much.  He just doesn’t know why she is dedicating a whole day to make him so happy.







Son Dambi is coming back to TV screen  with her first album, Saturday Night on the 24th.  She was on the TV show We are Married about three months ago and disappeared after changing couples for the show.  She was already famous for her song, I am Crazy, but the show made her even more friendly figure.  She and Marco were couple and showed us their pretended married life for a couple of months.  (more…)

There was a beautiful scene on episode 10 of Cain and Abel that kept floating on my head and I had to decide to put it up here to share with you.  Young-ji (Han Jimin) thought that Kang-ho (So Jisup) left because he didn’t come home after they were arguing about how useless it would be for her if he found out his past.  It was her birthday and she had to work like a dog all day and walked home tired and depressed.

She suddenly got SMS messages from Kang-ho when she was walking past right in front of each picture on the wall and all the messages had meanings with the pictures.  It means that he perfectly timed and prepared to tell his heart how much he appreciates her and think about her.  You have to read what he exactly said.  Flowing is what he wrote and the pictures that related to his messages.


Kang-ho’s SMS: Just like this crying girl, I never wanted to make any shadows on your face.


Kang-ho’s SMS: I just wanted to live with you happily just like these kids.


Kang-ho’s SMS: Although I am a fool that I don’t even remember my own name, I would like to make good memories with you like children getting older each year.  I wanted to grow right beside you as you become a girl and a woman day by day.




A poster of the movie Thirst (Korean title, Bat) directed by the famous director Park Chan-wook (Old boy, Lady vengeance) was recently released.


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