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Bigbang came to the show, Neng jang goh rul bu tak he (Take Care of My Fridge) and tried to reveal each other’s flaws to give a lot of laughs.





Are you ready for Big Bang????

Thanks to Hong Sukchun!!!!  He uploaded an interesting photo shot from the studio of Neng Jang Goh rel bu tak he (Take care of the fridge).  Taeyang and G-Dragon are bringing their own fridges to the studio and showing us what’s in it.  It is not so easy to see your favorite stars’ fridges.  I personally don’t think that they have any time to cook anything by themselves at home since they are young and busy.  If you are interested in, you should keep an eye on the show at 9:40 pm on the 31st of Aug which is today. It sounds like I am promoting the show.  You don’t have to watch the show if you can follow my blog or google.



nut rage



While I was watching the heirs, there are two interestingly related news were recently released in Korea.  First one is about ” Nut Rage”.  I guess this is so popular news that even many foreigners have already known.



Girls’ Generation (SNSD) released their bowling competition on Naver V app. on the 25th.  It is very common scene that they get involved many variety shows in the major TV shows but it was a kind of rare scene that not as privet as this one. Of course fans wants to watch them every little details of them.  This is made only to reach their fans desire to see them other than on the stages or shows and I think it is so successful.




Source: Instagram of Kim Heechul

SM Three Kims, Kim Kim Kim

Hee Chul uploaded an interesting picture on his Instagram on 28th of Aug.  It was a picture taken with Tae Yean from Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Jong Hyun from Shinee.  What’s interesting is that the three have the same last name, Kim, and they all colored their hair blonde.


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