Yoon Ji-hu (Hanajawa Lui) acted by Kim Hyun-jung

The handsomest of all F4 and grandson of ex-president of Korea, Dr. Yoon Seok-young.

Musician and the heir of Suam Cultural Foundation, Art Center, and Orchestra. He got a car accident and lost his parents on age 5. He became autistic but overcame with his first love, Seo-hyun. He believes she is his last love but can’t get to her completely. Jandi encourages him to get close to her. Jandi actually makes him act rather than watch. He follows her to France but comes back realizing his feeling beyond love. He comes back to Jandi but it is too complicated.

He cares much of his time and space, and not rush things even under pressure. He knows what he wants to do and never sweeps along with others. He didn’t care other’s matters before Jandi appeared. He cares for her every nook and cranny. He conflicts between love and friendship.

source: KBS