There was a picture leaked before the next episode.  But this picture was not just the picture of any Boys over Flowers.  It contained what the ending of the drama would be and that was why the staffs felt bad about this leak.


Now, all kinds of speculations are crowding among the viewers after seen this picture.  It looks obvious that Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung will be in a wedding ceremony as a bride and groom in Jeju island.  They might just get married and nothing would happen or Jun-pyo had to do something to stop the wedding.


The most important point is that viewers want to see something unusual from the drama.  Who would wants to see too obvious endings from a fantasy style drama like this one?  The producer of BOF would be in a big trouble because the wedding itself was the shocking event for the viewers when it was not leaked.


There is a teaser clip from the BOF site.  Jun-pyo asks Jae-kyung that he has a woman whom he loves for the first time and he only loves her until he dies.  And he continues that if she would like to marry him.  Jae-kyung simply said yes.  There seems no way out for Jun-pyo.  She loves him so much that no matter what he does and what he thinks these are not the distractions for her.



Jae-kyung even asks Jandi to be her bridesmaid.  Isn’t it too cruel setting for Jandi?  She had to let go of her only lover to her friend.  On top of that she had to be right there in the process of letting him go.  I think she wouldn’t do it if it were real.  The producer wants to draw more attentions from viewers with this unusual situations and wants to show Jandi’s look with the white dress.  I think his scheme has worked out so far.




Of course there will be Jun-pyo’s best friends, F4-1, at the wedding to show us how they would look with tuxedoes.  Jun-hee will be another factor that might change Jun-pyo’s mind.  The episode on this Monday showed that she kept reminding her mistake to let her love go because of her mom.  She wouldn’t want to just watch her brother’s loveless wedding ceremony.

I don’t know if it would be a happy ending or not.  Some people said it might be a day dream from Jandi.  I don’t like the day dreaming ending idea the most among many thoughts.  It had to be something better than just a absurd ending.  It has to be for so many viewers’ sake.  The ending story is undecided and the producer and other staffs are thinking about to make the best one.  The last episode, 25th, will be on air on the 31st of March.  We will see how it would come up with.

BOF Original Soundtrack (OST) Ashiwoon Maum Inguhl (Missing Heart) by A’st1