Gu Jun-pyo (Domyoji Tsukasa) acted by Lee Min-ho

The leader of F4 and the heir of the Shinwha Group.

Since he was raised by servants, not his parents, he acts like a king who can do anything. Because of his parents’ fame, he has gone through numerous of kidnapping, terror attempting those has formed his crooked characteristic. He has to master many martial arts and self defense techniques to protect himself but he avoids swimming because of kidnapped and drowned experience long ago.

One more to avoid is his sister that he afraid most. But ironically he falls in love with Jandi who reminds his sister and makes his life miserable.

He has natural curly hair, hot-tempered personality, and rough appearance, but also has the innocence like a child. Since he lives many different parts of the world, he speaks 5 different languages but is weak on common senses and Korean language. He follows his intuitions. He is simple and direct. He feels hurt when he finds out Jandi likes Jihu more him. However he is true to himself that he can’t give her up and fight against his mom’s hatred toward her. That starts to move her mind.

Source: KBS