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There was a beautiful scene on episode 10 of Cain and Abel that kept floating on my head and I had to decide to put it up here to share with you.  Young-ji (Han Jimin) thought that Kang-ho (So Jisup) left because he didn’t come home after they were arguing about how useless it would be for her if he found out his past.  It was her birthday and she had to work like a dog all day and walked home tired and depressed.

She suddenly got SMS messages from Kang-ho when she was walking past right in front of each picture on the wall and all the messages had meanings with the pictures.  It means that he perfectly timed and prepared to tell his heart how much he appreciates her and think about her.  You have to read what he exactly said.  Flowing is what he wrote and the pictures that related to his messages.


Kang-ho’s SMS: Just like this crying girl, I never wanted to make any shadows on your face.


Kang-ho’s SMS: I just wanted to live with you happily just like these kids.


Kang-ho’s SMS: Although I am a fool that I don’t even remember my own name, I would like to make good memories with you like children getting older each year.  I wanted to grow right beside you as you become a girl and a woman day by day.




Kang-ho and Young-ji had to leave their house after Choi Chi-su who had killed Young-ji’s brother, Kang-chul, noticed Kang-ho lived there with her.  He almost killed Chi-su but she stopped him for she knew she would lose him if he became a murderer.  They moved to a new place and the place is called Suam Gol or Suam Maul, the famous Picture Village in Chungju.




So Ji-sup’s trademark is sad eyes as his fans were fascinated when he acted on I am sorry, I love you.  It is not easy to show truly sad eyes like he does when you act.



There is another original soundtrack going to be heard a lot in Korea.  It is Ibeol boda sulpunmal (Sad word than farewell) by VOS.



It has been five years since those two big stars were seen on TV.  Simply said, it was worth watching it with this reason alone.




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