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Choi Ji woo came back to screen with Ha Nora role on The Twenty Again.  Just like the name represents she chose to live like the age twenties.  Rather than wearing fancy expensive designer clothes, shoes, and handbags, she is with jeans, sneakers, and backpacks.  It looks cute and friendly to see her but I am just wondering why she is trying hard to change her image.

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Bigbang came to the show, Neng jang goh rul bu tak he (Take Care of My Fridge) and tried to reveal each other’s flaws to give a lot of laughs.



Muhan Dogeon (Infinite Challenge) showed another hilarious parody music video.  They are Jung nyeon Sidae(Mid-age Generation) instead of Girls’ Generation.




These guys did it again.  They got their fame back with defeating all the other variety shows as far as the popularity concerns.  They really know how to make parodies and work so hard for them.  I am going to show some of the clips of their most hilarious parody, The remake of Boys of Flowers episode 1.


Actress Kim Sun-ah highly praised Im chang-jeong who’s coming back as a singer after 6 years. Im chang-jeong appeared on the show  “Happy Sunday-immortal songs” of KBS aired on February 8 to talk about his feelings about comeback and his hit songs.



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