F4 Members released their real school photos- Boys over Flowers

F4′s real school photos show their handsome and clean faces to public


bof29 364x1024 F4 Members released their real school photos  Boys over Flowers

? The names from top to bottom: Lee Min-ho, Kim Jun, Kim Bum, and Kim  Hyun-jung


Of course their faces were not much different from now but it was interesting to see their young faces.  Lee Min-ho’s photo was taken for his high school graduation and doesn’t look so much different than now.  He may be just graduated or looked mature in his high school.  I vote for the latter.

boys21 F4 Members released their real school photos  Boys over Flowersboys poster F4 Members released their real school photos  Boys over Flowers

Kim Jun’s middle school graduation photo shows his clear features that is called another Jang Dong-gun from the public.

Kim Hyun-jung and Kim Bum’s school graduation photos were released earlier but it is the topic again.

Source: Sports Chosun


  1. kim bum has a bold spot on his head

  2. sara/ yeah. a hairdresser must have made a mistake. but he looks cute all the more :-)

  3. I like lee minho

  4. I like Lee-Min-Ho & Kim Beom! They are realy cute in pics & movies! [=

  5. Ang cute ng F4!!!

  6. your so cute!

  7. we enjoy watching Boys over Flowers kaya we make sure to be home early enough to catch it on TV. we hope the four boys could visit the Philippines soon. tiyak mag-aabsent ako sa work. lee min-ho is really cute. fans mo kami lahat dito sa house. i love you again!!!

  8. super cute i luv f4..joonpyo ur the best..

  9. keep up the gud work.. luv u f4 mwah…

  10. i like you ji hoo.

  11. i like f4

  12. i really love watching boys over flowers..kahit ilang ulit ko pang panoorin hndi tlga ako magsasawa..I really love Jun pyo..he is super cute..i love yah Jun pyo!!!

  13. Lee min ho i love u..

  14. im fan of lee min ho hope we see each othr mwahh saranghe

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  17. Dear Kim Hyun-jung !
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  18. ang cute ni kim bum nakakainlove

  19. Dear Lee Min Ho, My family and I love you including my 70 year old mother. Please come to Singapore. Keep well and take care of your legs.

    God bless you always!

  20. i love f4 a lot. i love you min ho. love u luv u luv u luv. mmmmuuuaaahhh!!!

  21. kim jun please cal me. i love u a lot, u r da best. 9856723274. ppplllleeeaaasssee. i am waiting…

  22. i relle njoyed da movie,its just awesome……..ki bum i simply like u…all da best in wateva u do..


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    Kim Hyun-Jung ,,,Let me known your e-mail adress? i like your style and your move.

    pl,,give me your photo…i always watch your movie

    that time i wanner meet you..

    thank alot
    from dar li

  26. I always encourage f4

  27. what a different face..hehe..
    i love all of them..

  28. f4 g ad duaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  29. weeeew nakaka inlove si jun pyo

  30. saranghaeyo bof.
    i want one more time!

  31. nice love it…..

    kim bum(YI JUNG) is soooo CUTE..
    as well as kim hyun joong(JI HOO), lee min ho(JUN PIO) and kin hyung joon(WOO BIN)!!!! hahahaha

  32. hai,sheemz.can i be your friend.

  33. anyeonghanseyo……can i be ur fwenz u all?????????

  34. hai.ofcourse i want to be your friend noe………….if you want to know,i realy like…eh sorry,not like but really love i-jung sunbae in the b.o.f searies.he was very cute in his group!!!!! i love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to meet him face to face……..

  35. BOF – the directors indeed got the right people for the right roles….GREAT. Yoon Ji-Hoo, don’t cut your hair too short! Jan-Di, you are so natural and sweet…. I like you! Can’t wait for the second part of BOF…hope all of you 5 are in it! Love you all.

  36. I’M A HUGE FAN OF F4

  37. hi f4, u guys are sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

  38. c u sa husgado……………………….

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  40. the website is totally in korean and i didn’t get anything .LEE MIN HOO please do something for us…
    alwayz ur…..lob u alot..
    you are really really nice..I LIKE YOU SO MUCH.

  41. hehe…i gues all the girls are fan of f4…and i must say dat u all look g8 except ur childish acts…u all suck at dat…

  42. i like all of them they all r cute

  43. hi oppa kim bum how are you and wats going on plz oppa give me your email id plzzzzzzzzzz i like you so much and your style,smile everything

  44. Helllllooooooo!!!!!

    I like you very much Kim Hyun Joong. Your work in F4 is WOW! I like your personality, character, looks, everything there. Like, you’re a perfect man! White looks dashing on you! I love your songs too! Keep up the good work. God bless you!!!

  45. hey f4 u guyzz rock…really…u all r great…hope to see u again together in boyz be4 flower 2..

  46. i love lee min ho or gu jun pyo really.you are very so cute.

  47. i love boys over flowers….overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………i miss bof.. (((=

  48. minho oopa..u r really so cute..nthg in dis world can b campared wid u..u r my star..n m hopefully waitin’ for ur movies..n m lovin’ ur kdrama personal taste..god bless u..

  49. hellow boys over flowers. i love your movie so much

  50. I Like Lee min hoo ……..
    I love you, so mucchh..
    f4 iz t bezt…..

  51. I love lee min hoo same ..
    I really want to meet him
    he is very cute and cool ..

    lee min hoo, I beg you to come to Indonesia…..
    Here a lot of love to you!

  52. hello i like youer school an music

  53. hello i like youer schoo jun pyo

  54. hey..luv u guys alot..m a big fan of lee min ho..can i get his email address plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    ♥ ♥Sarang he yo Boys over flowers♥♥

  57. LUV U ma dear Lee minho……………u r all mine……………

  58. What to say i mean by seeing the movie m speechless.the movie was very great nd i’ve a big crush on all d boys.luv u all:-*.

  59. hi~you have a nice web^_^
    i like kim hyun jung.

  60. that movie was so funy i like all them …

  61. . . . . . .eow poe fans poe aqo ng b.o.f xuper gnda . . . . .

  62. iam really happy to watch this movie .you f4 guys are too nice ,iam so seek of you

  63. hey all 4 of u r d best

  64. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwoooooowwwwwww my foot all works of this damn make-ups

  65. of all the five persons on uniform she is the cutest but she needs to learn some adult moves, which is very important on today’s world

  66. hi guys keep up the good work..u know paulit ulit kung pinanood yong boys over flowers nakakakilig grabe..do you have part 2 for boys over flowers…sana meron ..good luck

  67. F4 are always cute………….to kim bum now u are more cute and so handsome..
    to F4 especially kim bum and kim joon pls come to malaysia…. ur fans want to meet u.. and kim bum when u come to malaysia don’t forget to bring kim so eun also………

  68. I like this drama so much and i like most kim Bum and kim Hyun-jung.

  69. U people are so much famous in Nepal also and so many viewer & they all love u people.

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    u ar very handsom

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    im your great fan
    i like u very much
    u are loking very handsom in boys befor flower

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  73. hi…! F4 bro sarangae!

  74. ang cure ng school nila.,,…and ang gwapo ni kim bum…super/////

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    i love you(woo been)nazanin
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  77. wondering that may be kim hyun-jung faced with somethin spectacular during his middle-high school life to have such a big facial-character changes, vote for the younger version though, manlier in every aspect !

  78. .. i really like lee min ho.. :D

  79. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….
    lee min ho………..dis s first time m weatching korean pictures……actually 2 see i watched one episodes den later i buncked two days and watched al episodes……more over i didnt sleep 4 single mintue n ta night….during dis period ly i had exam , symposium and everything………..but managed some how…..now became mad of dat movie….really u did very nice job……….acting s so amazing….once i finish dis medicine final year exam, gonna 2 watch ur movie fully…..if u would lik shall i know ur mail id……………..

  80. kim bum your too cute and i love u so much

  81. ……i really lyk JUNPYO….i swear…

  82. i love u junpyo

  83. I hav a huge crush on lee min ho, I think m falling in love with ur Gu Jun Pyo character…i like ur F4 looks better than the personal taste and secret campus looks..

  84. hi

    u have alot of fan in iran

    iranian girls love u so much

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    just love u all…keep the same spirit!!!
    once again love u all..

  87. I love all the F4 TEAM.THE MOST I LOVE IS LEE MIN HO.he is sooo cool,handsome,nice etc…….lee min ho i beg you that i will come south korea and i will meet with u.i am became mad in your love………..i love u soooooooooooooo much

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  90. WE LOVE “F4″

  91. i love u jun pyo i like ur acting so much and i want to meet you……………………………………………….. love uuuuuuuuuuuuu…………..

  92. LOVE U F4……..

  93. I loved your site – thank you!


  94. i really like F4,i never miss the drama,,,,,,jun pyo..please visit us in Botswanau guys are the best please…..i love u……

  95. Hello,dea(kim bum)…..
    How are you????Hope you are fine….you know what, i like you very much…you are so cute….. pliz give me your no or email ID…i promise i wnt distrb u…..i’m really crazy about you….you are really very sweet….like you dear….t.cr…!!!hope u’ll reply soon…

  96. Annhaeseyo kamasida i like kim bum and ku hye seon , kim hyun joong

  97. I gotta say u guys did a pretty good job. I like the drama but at the end of it things got a little messy. I would really like to thank you for making a great drama.

  98. we love u kim bum and all f4 ur so cute super duper and your eyes are so very gorgeous eyes and glamorous face god bless u all hope somesday we will mate in ur home town in south korea .

  99. Watching B.O.F makes me wana believe in fairy-tales and happy endings…….
    Sigh! wish life cud really be like that………..
    hope y’all continue with spreading smiles and fluttering hearts where ever u go….

  100. the text of this story was so INFAMY and kim hyun-jung seems INTERSEXUL

  101. saranghamnida f4..but most of all kim hyun jung i really really like u…

  102. Mi love boys over flowers, esp Geum jandi

  103. hi f4 ur drama is grt we r grt fans 4r u.All INDIANS love u alot especially ji hoo in f4. if u like pls give me ur mail id

  104. u guys are my sunshine…. love u <3

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  106. hi i am from india i like ur serial .

  107. Hey u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOUR SHOW….I WATCH IT ALL THE TIME…js hope to meet you guyz face to face.am gonna luv that

  108. i love you LEE MIN HO

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  110. hey u guys r really amazing……..i luvd ur boys before flower…….:)

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  113. Ji hoo is an annoying animal

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    heres my phone number: 07457653965….call me im waiting,,,,,hwaiting!!!!

  115. I love all of u and I pray that all of u may be success more more..:)

  116. im big time movie watcher and episode 25 ends in a note that is clear who maries jan di and both guys all loved jan di ican imagine a real life situation like that anywhere my best actor is jan di and ji huand if iwere the script writer i would prefer ji hoo to marry jan di

  117. jan di has a strong and bold charecter regargless of her back ground i like the charecter and perfect match for ji hoo and very humble ji hoo waiting for the next episode this is the best movie ihave watched iwould like to meet jan di ,jun po and ji hoo in zimbabwe and ask them some questions becoz they are real actors

  118. i love you
    lee min ho
    I am from Iran

  119. hi f4 , recently we had ceened u r serial it waz really gud and well impressed …keep rocking on and continuing with u r serials….

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  121. lee min ho is i like best

  122. i have started watching korean movie that is autumn in my heart and also boys over flower so i started loving korean people and became fan so love you guys

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  125. hi guys am from Tanzania i luv yo series sooooo muuuuuuch!

  126. My oppa is so cute and natural

    Eveyone know looking at my user name
    You can tell who fan am I
    Right I am minoz LMH fan

  127. hi
    I love f4 I love music

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    Rock! Rock! Rock!
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    ha ha its so funy wachng jan di’s sily acions…ur awesme….jun pyo does suit u:-)

  137. i like KIM HUNG JUNG very much…. he s d cutest in f4 i think. and also i like KIM BUM very much……. *********all lovely f4′s******

  138. i like KIM HUNG JUNG very much…. he s d cutest in f4 i think. and also i like KIM BUM very much……. *********all lovely f4′s******

  139. pls come to india(TAMILNADU)……. me and my friends welcome you with full gratitude… its our humble request….

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  148. Lee min hoo luks horrible in high school..but now cute..kim beom most handsome…kim joon looks cute but old fashioned when young..kim hyun joong looks like a book freak when little..hyun is always calm n cute

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  150. hai f4 guys this serial is very nice i love this serial. i like kim hyun joong
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    i love kim hyun joong
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    for every day

  151. kim hyung jun so cuteeeeeeeeee….. in f4, i luv his character… his habit in luv… really superb.. nd im an indian girl..i have seen few korean serials.. but f4 only, i like the most.. nd jan-di’s character in serial.. i really i felt bad when the serial ends with the 25 episodes.. seeing that 25th episode i cried a bit..

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  163. Le min ho ur really superb I loved ur action in boys over flowers n personal taste ur really rocking …..n the hero of mischivious kiss is the hero even of boys over flowers I love him ur so handsome n ur smile can melt the heart of viewers ….n other two heroes r also superb …..plz if u like me plz send me ur mail id plzz hero i am a student of business if possible I wanna meet u once in life time…..

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  165. I love you kim hyun joong.you are the handsome and cuttest boy from f4.

  166. Hi F4 Boys!! IM FROM INDIA… I DONO WHETHER IF YOUR GONNA CHECK MY MAIL OR NOT…still there Is a hope… u guys were awesome.. I love u all… u guys carried out the drama very well… I love u all… keep the sprit going on.. pls pls somehow if u notice my mail, just smile on seeing it… its more than enough for me…

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  168. Sry for saying this i didn’t like F4

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    o much.he looks very cute and sweet.i love watching his serial’s.i am ur very big fan min ho .

  170. hai boys over flowers team I am Linda from chennai means from India I like ur serials guys it just soooo amazing I love to watch it and u guys also u where rocking in ur job and specially jo and jaison and Nancy I love u three much bcoz I like the way u present urself it so awesome guys guys I know that u won’t see our msgs abd our cmnt but plz just gve a look at all and guys i will surely come to ur place to meet u guys ass a friend

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