Without Jandi, Boys over Flowers couldn’t be on air last night.  Instead of the drama on air, KBS should find something at least as equal as the most popular show.


They couldn’t find anything without the members of F4 or castings of BOF.  F4 Special Talk Show was the solution and I think it was a good choice under the circumstance.  On the talk show F4 released the 137 days of making Boys over Flowers.


The moderators were Hyun Young and KBS announcer Han Suk-jun on the talk show.  They invited all of the F4 members and wanted to hear about the behind stories of BOF.  More interestingly the show was filmed in Gu Jun-pyo’s house.  I guess it was the best place where they could show the viewers the actual filming place with their explanations.  I personally thought that was the excellent choice since Jun-pyo is so rich that the living room they used was just big enough anyway.


There were many interesting stories coming out of the F4’s mouths.  First of all Min-ho got selected for the role after defeating 200 contestants.  He said he permed his hair look like the original cartoon character and he thought it worked well.  He changed six times to get to his hair style now though.


Hyun-jung said he didn’t even know he was selected one of the F4s.  He was working in Japan and he read a news said he was selected.  He wanted to know what was going on and he called his agent in Korea although it was very expensive (he said).  His agent once told him to focus on his next album in Japan but he changed his mind and told him to work on the drama.  He sounded like he was confused of what he said but he suddenly changed that his agent is a nice person when Suk-jun asked him.  He really made me laugh on that.  I think he is funny and everyone agreed on that, too.



Kim Bum wasn’t easy to get the role since he was working on another drama, East of Eden.  He said he was surprised when he got that role.  Hyun-jung said he remembered him as a boy who cries a lot because he has many crying scene in East of Eden.  He was the youngest of the member and looked handsome and cute.


Kim Jun took the audition and he didn’t think he could get that role.  He also said it wasn’t just one time audition but there were many informal meetings involved.  Once he was introduced to a tall handsome young man.  He thought why he had so nasty perm.  He knew he was good looking but he didn’t know why he had to do it and why he had to meet him that evening.  It turned out that the man was Min-ho and the producer wanted them to get to know each other.


They also showed us dancing, playing the guitar and piano.  I would say that they did everything to fill up the promised time and tried very hard for it.  I really enjoyed their special talk show and I hope I could see something like this more later.   There are only 8 episodes left.  I am very curious to know how they will put an end.  It will be sad to see the countdown to the ending episode.  I hope to see more interesting stories the rest of the 8 episodes.  Am I asking too much?




They all visited Hye-sun’s ward and wished her get well.  They all worried because it was her face.






Their NG shots were so funny.  Hyun-jung was frustrated when the horse wasn’t really help him.  The NG King was Lee Min-ho.


He tried to play the song, Moon River, but I didn’t think he had time to practice it.  He had to stop it before he finished it.