Jandi is finally giving up.  She just can’t have Jun-pyo against his mom.  As Jun-pyo calls her a witch, she just can’t get enough of her.  She also threatens to take Jihu’s foundation down if she continues to seeing his son.  She makes up her mind and takes a trip to a beach with him and spends a great lovely day together.  Jun-pyo is so happy because he can feel that she is full of love and enjoys being with him so much.  He just doesn’t know why she is dedicating a whole day to make him so happy.



The scene was taken at Wangsan beach, Youngjong-do (island) Incheon.  I think the episode 23 is made for the fans who love to see their kissing scenes.  There were three  long kissing scenes with music and I felt like watching a music video, not a drama.  I guess the producer wanted to extend one more episode due to the popularity but he couldn’t find anything else to put other than their trip and kisses.  I think it was lame.  It could have been a lot shorter and given the viewers something interesting to watch than purposely extend and dragging the too obvious story.



I have to admit that there were some nice views and beautiful smiles that most of the viewers want to see more before it ends.  I think Jandi and Jun-pyo are the people you would never get bored to watch no matter what they do.  That must be why the story has gone a little bit sketchy and tried to show music video styled beautiful scenes lately.


This scene was so natural and looked pretty.  I felt like they were a real couple.  There were no lines and they ate and played just like normal lovely couples.  It reminded my good old days without kids.


I think the story lines needs to be revised to make it better if this drama wants to be really successful in overseas.  I know it is already so much famous because of their handsome and beautiful looks but this is not enough to make a good impression for viewers.  I guess I was disappointed to watch too many unnecessary scenes and felt so grumpy.





It is the famous kissing scene of the episode.  Jun-pyo asked her,”Don’t you say that you love me?  What am I to you?”  Her answer was holing him and giving him her kiss.  Very romantic and looked lovely.  They made as many as 7 NGs and made it ok.  I guess they had plenty of kissing in front of many staffs that day.

One of the best BOF OST (Original Soundtrack) Starlight Tear