Guem Jandi (makino Tsukushi) acted by Gu Hye-sun

A normal high school girl whose parents own a small laundry.  She likes swimming and becomes a swimmer of her high school doesn’t even have a pool.

She is scouted as a swimming athlete from the prestigious Shinwha High after accidentally saving a student from a suicidal attempt.  That makes her the only poor student of the entire school.  It is not the type of school and students that she wants to be with but her parents want her to get close to any of the rich classmates from the school and get rich with their help.

She can’t get along with other students and one day she steps out for her classmate who is being bullied by F4 and she finally gets red card from them.  It is the sign of left out in school.

She is small but healthy and just.  She doesn’t afraid of threat although her circumstances are not so favorable.

One day she bumps into Yoon Ji-hu, one of the F4, and has feeling for him but later Gu Jun-pyo,  the leader of the F4 likes her and forcefully gets her as his girlfriend.  That will tangle their relationship into a little bit complicated one..

Source: KBS