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Jang Dong-gun announced that he is getting married to Go So-young last week and it was a big surprise to his fans as well as the entertainment industry in Korea.  I have seen his works from very beginning until recently since I was born the same year and he was keeping showing his work from the media.  I didn’t like his act when he played very TV drama at Our Paradise (Uri durie chunguk), 1993.  He wasn’t competent enough to be called a good actor yet but had a good looking and a great smile.  I didn’t think he will be this much famous when I watched his act but he was a totally different performer at the movie, Friend, 2001.  I was personally very surprise of his excellent gangster work from the piece and knew he will most likely long run in the film industry.

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He has become so successful and well-known actor that he could have bragged about his fortune and lived like the most celebrities do but he seems to choose to have his life simple and humble.  He has made all his money and didn’t make a charity foundation publicly but he didn’t waste it either.  I think that is as hard as donating big chunk of it when you have so much in your hand.

Anyway, basically he is very nice guy with money and fame and great body that almost all the woman dream about.  He could have chosen a 10 years younger hot and sexy girl in the world if he wants.  He didn’t even have to marry and enjoy multiple hot chicks for ever if he wants but he chooses Go So-young, no offense.

For the record, Miss Go also one of the successful and hottest actress in Korea that so many prominent and affluent bachelors would love to be settled with.  She was chosen by Jang.  So many people including me and all of my friends are thinking that she hit a jackpot without what have happened between them.  I think it is because Jang Dong-gun has never have any rumors or problems while she had some.  Without knowing the truth, I can’t say anything further about the rumors but what is important is our Mr. Nice Guy wouldn’t mind that and has chosen her as a future wife.

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He announced his wedding not in front of press conference but in his fan meeting, Jang Dong-gun Story 2010.  There has been some critics and complaints from the media that he didn’t tip it to media before hand but I think it is another considerate part of him.  He clearly shows that he cares more about his fans than media.  Of course not many entertainers can’t even think about doing this when media has so much power to manipulate them when they are not their favorite.  He has guts and also love for them I may add.

In his statement of marriage at the meeting, he simply said how much he thought about his life while he was alone in overseas and realized whom he really wanted to be with.  That was the woman who had been just a friend for a long time and he felt different about her and he ended up want to be with her forever.  It described that nothing but a normal person’s feeling towards a female friend and love her at last.  He didn’t really care anything about other factors but the chemistry changes between two normal individuals.  I just can’t love this man enough!!!!

He also didn’t forget to put his humbleness in the statement.  He is having a great time choosing the finest wife of his lifetime but he also doesn’t want to upset any people who undergo hard time from whatever reason socially and economically now.  He promised to have a small wedding without press, just invite their close friends and families.  As I read more and more about him, I fall in love him more and more.

I really hope that he could have a very happy and successful wedding and married life as well as his and his future wife’s careers.