Boys over Flowers had another accident itself.  Jang Ja-yeon played as Park Sun-ja (Sunny) role among the three bad girls who gave Jandi hard times.  She was found death by hang at stairs in her own house on the 7th.  Her elder sister found her and called the police immediately.  They are still investigating as I wrote but it seemed like no other hurts and struggled marks were found other than the rope around her neck from her body so far.


She is playing with Guk Ji-won and Min Young-one at the BOF

BOF staffs and stars were just stunned and didn’t know what to do and say after hearing her death.  She was a happy person and had a great deal of enthusiasm for her work, the staffs said.  No one expected her sudden suicide and couldn’t believe that she is not with them anymore.  On her funeral hall, there were many stars including F4, Lee So-eun, and Gu Hye-sun already visiting and seemed to realize that her death is real.


Lee Min-ho and Kim Beom walking in the hall.


Gu Hye-sun couldn’t hold her tears.


Kim So-eun was crying.


Kim Jun looked stunned.


Kim Beam tried not to show his tears in front of many cameras.


Han Chae-young and Kim Hyun-ju also arrived at her funeral hall.

Fans of her also are in shock and have been writing their sorrows on the net.  We all remember her beautiful image from the Baeksang Arts Awards on the 27th of Feb.  That was the last time we saw her alive from a live TV.  She looked so pretty with her white dress with bright smile.  She looked so happy that she gave Lee Minho a big clap with grin on her face when he got his rookie of the year award.  The image we have seen from TV and her death were not matched at all.


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Boys over Flowers are having great love from the viewers all throughout ages in Korea but big and small accidents are not stopping recently.  I really hoped that Gu Hye-sun’s accident would be the last one for the drama but the biggest accident followed right after it.  Her funeral hall is in Seoul National University Hospital at Bundang and BOF staffs and stars visited around 6 o’clock on the 8th. right after working on the drama.

Depression found another victim?  Not like her image in public, she was lonely and sad in her private life.  She lost both of her parents by car accident about ten years ago.  She had lived with her elder sister ever since.  It must be so hard for her to live without them all of a sudden and depression came to her.  Her sister testified that she had been depressed and wanted to be left alone at home recently.  It is so sad to hear that the bad disease  killed another precious life.

I am really sorry about her sadness that caused her death.  I feel so small that I couldn’t do anything about it even though I knew her.  I hope no other person go through the misery that she had.  Please God, pity on her soul.

Source of pictures: Arts News, Hankyung News

A clip of F4, Gu Hye-sun, Kim So-eun’s arrival at her funeral.