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Another cute actor, Jeong Ui-chul plays double as Lee Minha and the model, Lee Ha-jae on Boys over Flowers.

He was the student who tried to suicide from the school roof after getting a red card from F4.  He actually got a broken rip bone from the act but didn’t go to hospital and finished his part that day.  Is it his enthusiasm on the part or just for his popularity?  We will see.

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He just played very short part of the drama but fans are asking for more of his acts.  He will be on again with different role as the fans want.  There will be more spotlight on his upcoming acts and attractive look.




F4 and he is not the only ones fans can’t wait to see them.  There are gorgeous women in there to take many male fans’ hearts.  They are Han Chae-young, Lee Shi-young, Lee Min-jeong,  Gu Hye-sun, and Kim Hyun-joo.

Source: iknews