There was a news about Jo In-sung and Ko Hyun-jeong was seen in public on the 27th of Feb.  I personally don’t know why this became one of the issues on stars right now.  I just think that some of the bad reporters just want some news out of big name stars to get more attention of their reports.  I am going to write about what kind of scene it was when they were spotted in public.  You might agree with me after you finish reading my post.


They were having coffee at a cafe in Samchung-dong in Seoul at night.  Although it was a very populated place, they had chosen a place that not many people around.  There were some people recognized their faces since they looked taller and attractive looking than normal people and are the top stars in Korea.  Who wouldn’t recognize them if they were close by?  They were wearing nothing fancy and didn’t really care much about other people’s stares.


I think that was what really happened that night between them but many reporters wrote the titles like they go out together or dating in the middle of the night.  I think they just met and had a coffee not at their work but some place nice before Jo In-sung joins the military duty on April this year.  Isn’t it obvious that you would like to have at least a quiet dinner or have a coffee when someone you know or you work with will go to some unpleasant places for two years?  I just can’t believe that this was even an issue on entertainment news lately.


If I have to think about what made them get close, Hyun-jeong is from Jeolla province and In-sung went to his college in that area.  They also were starred on a drama Bomnal (The Spring Days) in 2005.  It was the first drama after she was divorced and there were many reporters wanted to know about her back-to-single life.  I guess In-sung would be the great target to put him on her side and make a good story.


I don’t know if they really go out or not, but I think it should be kept between them until they are willing to share their story in public.  Am I just writing a stupid and imaginative story here?  Maybe I am but I really want to let my favorite stars have a decent privacy.  They would love to go out with their good friends.  They would love to have a fantastic love and they don’t want to be bothered as much as you want to have a private moment with your loved ones.  They are no better or worse than us once you get to know them.  Let’s not forget about this.


Bomnal (The Spring Days) OST – I