Lee Min-ho’s official website got better

Lee min-ho’s website is open again after a crash in February. The website previously opened in February 5 but went down within a single day due to traffic overload.

84 2009 04 01 00 12 Lee Min hos official website got better

The website looks much better than the previous one. It has Lee min-ho’s profile, filmography, photo gallery, video clips and recent news. It could have been better with English page considering there are many fans outside Korea.

Aside from the official website, Lee min-ho also has many fan communities in Korea. A fan club internet community named DAVE is known to have more than 100,000 members.

As for Lee min ho’s latest news -

Lee min-ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment announced on the website that his official Korean fan club will be made soon.

Lee min-ho is scheduled to visit Japan to attend the promotion event of BOF that will be held on April 16.


  1. Ahh i love Lee minho. He is sooo cool! [=
    Hope he doesnt get married to the other two ladies joining BOF. I am soo sad now... ]=

  2. moon/ hi. last episode of BOF was already shown in Korea. I am not gonna tell you how it ends not to spoil your fun. Let’s just say that it ended nicely but with some rooms for different possibilities.

  3. ,owh my lee min Ho lols ur so cute & i lyk ur role as Goo Joon Pyo im ur # 1 fan here in d ph i hope u cme ere i know lots bwt u i rsearch ur childhood story pahaha =) saranghe mwaah

  4. please please pretty please! im also a fan of min-ho and i can’t understand his official site coz it’s only in korean! T_T is there any way i can tell this to the site developers?

  5. i like you very much because you’re so cute and handsome. i wanna be your fan club member.

  6. Good evening!
    As I saw the Boys over Flowers in the Philippines, the F4 caught my attention and heart, specially Lee Min Ho. He seems to be so nice. I do wish I will get the chance to know him more like chat with him in the internet and be one of his friends. I might be far from him and that it might be impossible for our ways to cross but who knows this comment will lead to what I hope for…

    yahooid: gretylt

  7. Good evening!
    As I saw the Boys over Flowers in the Philippines, the F4 caught my attention and heart, specially Lee Min Ho. I keep on watching it in the internet. Hoping one day I will meet him, it was my mom who encourage me to find a way to get in touch with him, though it is unbelievable, I try to post a comment here and I might be heard. He seems to be so nice. I do wish I will get the chance to know him more like chat with him in the internet and be one of his friends. I might be far from him and that it might be impossible for our ways to cross but who knows this comment will lead to what I hope for…

    yahooid: gretylt

  8. Lee Min Ho,

    The first time I saw u at BOF I already knew that your the 1 that I’m waiting for. That day, starts my love for u. I always dream about u. My heartbeats so fast because of you. I will do everything so that someday You and I will be together. Nothing is impossible. what I wish for is to be with you until the rest of my life. Now I believed in Love at first sight. Your right! I love u even we didn’t meet yet. Mark my words. Wait for me my love.


  9. hi,,Lee…
    i have seen you website but i can’t understand about that language..so,,please made your new website in english quickly….coz i want to join on your website..thank you so much…


  10. hi,, lee…gud day!!! ive’d watched boys over flowers here in the phillipines and i became fan of yours ur character is such strong person but i love the way u love geum jan di.,,hope find time reading this…god bless…

  11. hi!

    hope too meet you soon…you’re the no.1 korean actor who captured my heart after my board examination for nursing…i really wish to see you soon no matter what…i’l do anything to follow my dreams..take care and Godbless…more projects huh!love u

  12. I am so fascinated the way boys over flower was created and equipped with the best actors/actresses. this has been so romantically set and twisted with enjoyable moments. my gratitude to the cause of airing its existence and salutation to the creative minded person who came to write this story. i love lee min-ho character so much. wishing him to have a wonderful career ahead and keep that eyes… it soften even the hardest heart.

  13. OMG!!!i love lee min hoo!!!!he is so cool!!!!
    i hope…i can meet you soon…my heart is melting when i see youre photo’s and watching you on tv!!!!!


    i just wanna say:I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    : )

  14. hi…………………junpyo!,,

  15. hi lee minho.. i hoope u can visit here in the philippines.. im one pf your avid fan i hope u can grant my wish.. thank u..

  16. hello lee min ho.. pls2 grant my wish to visit here in the philippines and have a tour here in the philippines and pls. go to our place.. in general santos city.. thank u.. i love u!

  17. Lee Min Ho,

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY…may God bless you more with what is trully essential in life: stronger spirit, braver heart, keener mind, healthier body, endless love, happiness, peace of mind and God’s grace…

    may you’ll be more successful in your career…more movies and tv series to come…you really have good and effective acting skills…keep up the good work…

    I would especially like to dedicate this song for you…I hope you’ll like it…


    I’d love to make you mine
    ‘Cause it’s the only way to hold you
    In my wild imagination
    Still don’t know how
    To grab a chance and spend some time
    In just a simple conversation

    Just give it a try
    Though I’m like chasing rainbows in the sky
    I wanna hold you in my dreams
    And make believe that it’s true
    Although I know, I know that it is impossible to do
    Cause you’re a star
    People love you as you are
    You’re a million miles away from me

    Wished that you were here
    Cause it’s illusions every time you’re close to me
    And sing my love song
    And it’s the only way
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    Million miles away from

  18. GOO JOON PYO…………just wanna greet you a happy birthday(belated)!!!!!!!
    eeeeh….lee min ho!!!<3u
    hope to see you here in “PHILIPPINES”

  19. goo joon pyo…..

    do add me at my FRIENDSTER (beg’ you pls.)
    i really like the way you act…


    just wanna say i like you. . . hehehe
    im your fan!your so handsome,you know?
    hahahahaha….bleeeeeeh(just kidding)

    hope to see you here in PHILIPPINES…..


  21. hi lee, i’m your fans from bali,indonesia.
    BOF/BBF has been played in indonesian television and many girls are crazy about you here. you’re HOT!
    lee, do u speak english or just korean?and will u visit indonesia or bali someday?

    hope that i can see u in real life ^o^

    love n hugs

    ps: if there is anybody who can answer my question above please email me at r33nee@yahoo.com, thx!

  22. lee mi ho!!! belated happy bday! you’re young yet had already showed good skills in acting! keep it up! loverboy!

  23. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.MORE BLESSINGS TO COME AND GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS…pls add me as your friend..heres my ym..yquillopras@yahoo.com

  24. anyong!!!!!sarange go jun pyo!!!!!!

  25. yeah ! I totally agree it would be better if LMH’s website has an English page T.T .. anyways, do you know where can we find this website?? :D . THANKYOU ^^

  26. elowww………………lee min ho…. mwauah3x… I’m One in a million fans
    her in the Iloilo City, Philippines!

  27. goo jun pyo!

  28. .pasalamat k ndi kita nakilala..ang poge2 Muh!.ilubyu!

  29. Hey Min Ho,
    Please make a website in english. Otherwise how will you be contacted by Hollywood producers and your non-Korean fans like me? I can’t wait to see you in Hollywood movies.
    I can not read Korean, so can not join your website or can not write a blog. So sad!
    American dreamgirl

  30. vote lee min ho as best actor in SEOUL drama awards

  31. huy,,annyonghaseyo,lee min hoo ssi! Je irumun yanaimnida,jonunhaksseng imnida..i fans you lee min hoo ssi,i am from indonesia,when do you come in indonesia?? I am waiting always..gamsahamnida

  32. hey lee min ho…….!!!
    you are so kooool ya…… ;)
    lovezzz you :)

    love vizo ….

  33. i am from Myanmar.
    i love lee min ho . u r so cute and handsome. i want to be ur fan member .

  34. i am hoping to see you soon in the philippines Mr. Lee min ho, sunbae….God Bless!!!!SARANGAE!

  35. how true that Lee Min hO is coming to visit us in the Philippines???Please let Us know if he is really coming or not????!!!!thanks…

  36. Hi..i’m a mother of 2 girls and we love you so much. We are watching your BOF which is currently being aired here in the Phils. Still, i have my own CD of it which keeps me awake night after night, watching it over and over again. I never get tired of it…hope it has a part 2. Your group F4 has a lot of followers here in the Phils. who are all dying to see you in person…we hope that you will visit our country soon. Keep smiling, more success and have a happy life always..

  37. hi…i’m a mother of 2 girls and we love you so much…we are always watching BOF on TV and i also got a CD which keeps me awake all night. I never got tired of watching it over and over again. My daughters even memorize your lines in the series… you guys (F4) have plenty of fans here in the Phils. and we all hope you’ll visit our country…stay happy and may you have more success ahead of you….

  38. hi!Lee-Min-Ho
    I am one of your fans in Myanmar. Your BOF movie is too famous in Myanmar.
    I watch it again and again. I never get lazy of watching it. I remember every sence of you. what is your website? i want to know.please read this comment and assume me as one of your friends. Add my g mail if u can. please. maythantnwe08@gmail.com

  39. I’M an avid fan of Lee Min Ho, and i am still hoping they are coming to the Philippines. Many had been BOF fanatics but unfortunately, the ABS CBN did not try and make ways tor invite the BOF casts to visit the Philippines before the BOF teleserye ended.. But i hope the management of the of the ABS CBN will still invite
    them to visit the local network.

  40. HAI… LEE MIN HO…

    LEE MIN HO…. COME ON …. VISIT TO BALI……………………………………..

  41. annyeong kaseyo hyung lee min ho….. hope u can give me few message at annie_lagana@yahoo.com……..

  42. i really love you when u smlie Min Ho
    keep smiling everyday…

  43. min ho i love uuuuu
    you are my heart


  44. hi i am forough from iran in my country all the girls love u so come to my country i promise u to invite u to my house u are so so so handsom and good boy i dont say love u cause all the girls say that i like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  45. I was a fan of Min Hoo after I watched BOF until I met him in Sydney in late September 2009. We were having breakfast at the same restaurant “Pancake on the rocks”. I was so excited to see him until I can’t believe my eyes, I can’t believe that it was really him, OMG, it’s like my dream come true.

    He was having his breakfast with 3 of his friends. He was wearing a grey sweater with a hook. Nobody recognized him at the restaurant, it’s only me.

    ( I have a hobby in photography, so I always carry my DSLR camera everywhere, I liked to take the pictures of all the food that I eat. )

    When I started to take a picture of my pancakes, suddenly Min Ho put on the hook of his sweater to cover his face, maybe he thinks that I was going to take his picture without permittion. But, I’m not such a person, I will not take somebody’s picture without permission, I’m not a paparazi.

    When he finished his breakfast, he got up from his seat and looked at me with unpleasant and arrogant face. But still, as a fan of him, I tried to put away my pride and asked his friend whether I can take a picture with Min Ho. Then, Min Ho said: NO SORRY!! OMG, I was blushed and soo ashamed. He is sooo arrogant, he is just a new born artist, not yet a star. That day, I thought it was my lucky day to meet him, but it turned out to be the worst day in my life, I never felt so ashamed. Now, I hate him so much. He lost his fan, not only me, but also some of my friends.

  46. hi i’m lee chen of philippines i always watch your film bof and i really want to see you but from now i’m really busy in my study for reaching my dream to see you.I also studying korean laguage so if i meet you i can speak fluently,i really doing my best so i can reach you.i love you very much …

  47. I’m from Vietnam. I have watched BOF 4 times. i think you acted well, especially when you cry. Congratulation !
    i like your smile because it’s very nice.
    i hope you’ll always feel happy in your life.

  48. I think Lee Min Ho should star in the Korean remake of Nodame Cantabile or Itazura Na Kiss. He should be well-suited for the lead actor’s part.

  49. u r so handsome…….i really like ur character…..b a gud man 2 others.oppa sarangaeeeeeeee…..i luv u…..eina nangbu nungshi…….

  50. Lee Min Ho i love you! Great acting. Love the commercials that you did too. Looking forward to see you if i ever get a chance! Wish to see your next upcoming drama.

  51. sometimes its hard to say what actually got into my mind when i first see him on
    tv .Maybe i will just say that i’m not his fan that he will even recognise but here
    my advice for him i think as a star you may feel lonely right because sometime no one there for you,but remember you always has your family by your side and also friend will always supporting you in whatever condition and never forget we asyour fan always liking you.bye…..bye aja…aja fighting

  52. i like you

  53. Hai, Mr. Lee. You are my most favorite actor. I have watched Boys Over Flowers more than 50 times. Love everything about you. Hope and pray that you will be more successful in your career. Do not publish your “love life” so that your fans love you for ever. I wish my son is as handsome, elegant, smart, polite as you are. Stay healthy and be happy always.

  54. yin ~ Oct 20, 2009 at 12:33 am

    Wonder whether Yin’s remarks above true or not. I don’t believe what she said a littke bit. Nothing wrong for great artist to smile and take pictures with fans. It doesn’t cost a fortune. If what she said is true, may be I would have died, if I were in her shoes that day. I sympathize with her.

    Dearest Lee Min Ho, I like your character after you have learned how to love and respect others as Gu Jun Pyo. Keep it up. Aja, aja,

  55. hi lee min ho.
    how u r doing?
    after watching bbf all the girls r going crazy on u.
    i am also the one who is crazy on u.
    u r so handsome
    u r so cute.
    i love u
    i love u
    i love u

  56. hello! im your fan …

  57. Hi lee min ho I am one of your fans in Myanmar.There r many your fans in Myanmar . Myanmar teenagers like u a lot.I also like a lot .U r really really handsome.I hope u can visit Myanmar with 3 other F 4 actors & geum jan di.( like u go to Japan)
    Lee Min Ho ..oppa
    Aza Aza Fighting !!!


    KEEP AT SMILE……..GO~! I CAN CHEER U..~~~SMILE AT U..~~ keep smiling …

  60. I just want to know how to see lee min ho in person. Anybody can help me to do that? Im one of his fan here in the philippine. Although i feel this is impossible or there is no chance that somebody will tell me how, i keep trying here in the internet. Please a little help!!!

  61. hi..anyeong…how u doing??i hope u always happy in ur career..im ur fan…i wish u gud luck in ur life…bye..^_^

  62. halo to u…

    hope u can come in philippines @mindanao.. i really wanna see u personaly..


  63. . ………….e0w f0eh LEE MIN HO………im your official fan from phillipines…………………your’re the best act0r in asia……….hows ur career……………….i’m ur #1,,,,wish m0re blessings t0 c0me aNd g0od lUcK…………in ur career …………GODSPEED/……………….Im always be there 2 c0mf0rt you……….take care…………….hehehehehe

  64. ////rather im ur #1 fan…………….

  65. i like u lee min ho. i always see u at BOF never miss it never…… u so handsome i hope u good one

    GU JUN PYO……

  67. anyong!
    oppa…how are you?hope to know more about you,i’m one of your fans…i like you as gu jun pyo..i like your character there..i can see my ex boyfriend in your character..laughs…i’m a mass communcation student here in the phils..hope you can visit phils.inspite of your busy schedule..i’m also interested learning korean language because of you..hehe…thankyou..Godbless!!

  68. hi gu jun pyo…how r u???u know wat i rili like u coz ur so cute…everytime u smile my hart starts to beat fast,,,,charing,,,hehehe…hope u visit our country soon coz for sure u had alot of fans ir…sna mging frends tau…1 nyt i drimed of u and wen i woke up i cmply smiled coz even in my dreams ur der…hehehe….ayabyou…mwuah

  69. take care oweiz pu…godblez lee min ho….

  70. hello.. actually i am a korean drama fan..
    this drama is really good and u act very well..
    i like how u express ur feeling
    hope u’ll be a great actor..

  71. ottoshimnika?:)

  72. Gu Jun Pyo as Lee Min Ho….when do u want to visit indonesia….please…visit to bali…n i want to meet u….love ur smile…

  73. hi lee min ho
    when u will came to malaysia???
    I don’t like to stay at malaysia, pls bring me to korean world!!!
    I want to see u n ur other friends……
    i love u, wish u and ur frends were be my love forever-ever……..
    bye my dear……
    bye kim hyun joong,kim hyun seon,kim so eun,kim jun n kim bum…..

  74. hi jun! i’m a big fan of yours from Philippines. Please add me up in my facebook account. neciel_santos@yahoo.com. thanks…God bless you and more power! muwahhh

  75. Hello to everyone!!! Many Filipinos supported and loved Boys Over Flower, as a matter of fact it was airing now for the second time around! When the soap ended… many fans requested for a re-run and due to insisting public demand it was currently airing again so it was called now as “Boys Over Flower… One More Time”.

    Many Filipinos instantly fell in love with the plot of the story, especially Gu Jun Pyo’s character. Hopefully he can visit the Philippines pretty soon because many fans here were longing to see him. Many Filipino fans here even celebrated Min-ho’s birthday even without him, they bought him birthday cake and set up a party for him.

    I also have one more question to ask, there were rumors spreading on the net that there will be a sequel of Boys Over Flower, but others claiming it as an April Fool’s joke, some said that Ku Hye Sun twittered that there really is a sequel! Will there be any sequel? Does Lee Min-ho have plans on visiting the Philippines?

  76. i love u lee min hoo

  77. hi…..i miss ur episode after abs-cbn end ur movie yesterday
    kamsa ramnida for the saranghae

  78. wiss u read this message for my happiness….hope u will great me as a friend from my website

    saranghae gu jun pyo!!!


  79. Lee Min Ho. I guess almost everyone will agree id I will say that he is nothing than handsome. I am not actually a fan who had watched/seen all his projects, but when I saw Boys Over Flowers, he really got my attention. He is so handsome. Lee Min Ho, your smile is very perfect. I hope you can visit Philippines, a lot o ladies are looking forward to that. More power!

  80. Goo Jun Pyo!!

    Please visit the Philippines…
    you are very popular here…

  81. Goo Jun Pyo!!

    Please visit the Philippines…
    you are very popular here…

  82. yup, i also prefer the official website is in English..much more universal for Min Ho.. coz i’m sure he must be have a lots of fans out there..:)

  83. it would be an appreciation if Min Ho can visit his fans in Malaysia for the 2nd time.. ;)

  84. anyong haseyo….

    first i want to say…that i really like your drama series boys over flowers…

    i wish that someday we could meet in personal…

    good luck to your career…i hope that you would never change…

    I LOVE YOU!!!and i really mean it….PROMISE!!!

    always take care of yourself….SARANGHEYO!!!!

    I’ve never gone with the wind
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    You lift my feet off the ground
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    I’m lost in your eyes
    You make me crazier,
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    Watched from a distance as you
    Made life your own
    Every sky was your own kind of blue
    And I wanted to know
    How that would feel
    And you made it so real

    You showed me something that I couldn’t see
    Opened my eyes and you made me believe

    You lift my feet off the ground
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    I’m lost in your eyes
    You make me crazier,
    Crazier, crazier, oh

    Baby, you showed me what living is for
    I don’t want to hide anymore

    You lift my feet off the ground
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    I’m lost in your eyes
    You make me crazier,
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    i wish this song would remind you how special you are to me….

  85. *woots*
    Every girl is going crazy about him.
    =] :D

  86. ..wooooo i really love LEE MIN HO..
    his really cool!!!

    i love lee min ho and koo hye sun chemistry

  87. lee min ho or gu jun pyo or whatever your the best

  88. u know what i think u are my soul mate because when i first saw u my heart u know na un we love u so much i am a filipina my name is maryjoy i have a favor can i get ur number thanks pls accept this favor

  89. I so much want to meet Lee Min Ho in real life !I think that he played very good in Korean Dramma BOF.I even changed my mind about Korean guys..It`s interesting does he now about this website?

  90. Hi. I really hope the website has an english translation. Thanks.

  91. Lee MinHo, Huh..Interesting, cause you have this cute smile that bring the cutiness out of you…Love your styles and the hair style in the movie BOF..It awesome.hehe..=D! U are too cute and lots of love from fan…:D!!!Maybe you really will come to the USA like in the movie..hehe…:D..Love Love, Sushie<3

  92. hi ! we are your die hard fans . from philippines ! hope you can come to our country and goodluck . we really like your korean drama BOF ! you are so rich, tall and handsome . :]] god bless . we love you ! ♥

    > hannah and clarissa

  93. WhEN dA fIrSt I So U ……………………………………mY HeArT CaN’t SToP bEaT aND iTs SaY LEE MIN HO I LOVEU

  94. Hello Lee Min-Ho! My name is Sholpan! I’m from Kazakhstan! I’m 23! Whether you me so much like you! but what are you a professional actor! Looks at you and just enjoy! You’re beautiful, oboyatelny, and very sexy! Lee Min-Ho! Lee write the answer I’m waiting! shall be very happy! this is my email address! shbaby_sholpan@mail.ru

  95. hi lee min ho…

    i always watch your tv series boys over flowers and personal taste..and i never get tired watching it over and over again..you are really a great actor..i dreamed of seeing you one day..and that we will become friends..i hope we can chat sometimes..

    keep up the good work..i’ll be looking forward for your next project..if you have time..may i suggest that you visit your avid fans here in the philippines?
    thank u and God bless!!more power!!

  96. hi
    Can u give me u e-mail address?I am from Myanmar.augustrain68@gmail.com

  97. hi i’m ennelle mercado from philippines…. i’m a big fan of yours lee min ho… Hoping that you’ll come here someday and meet me… thanks. i like you a lot, you’re acting career.. Please give me also you’re email address. I want to add in facebook thanks so much

  98. anyo!jun pyo hope i m spelling the word correctly!nways i really liked ur work in f4.hoping to watch ur up coming serial “personal preference/taste”.wanted to tell u that i really like u,but cnt claim my love because i dnt really know u as a real person!just wanted to b ur friend n wanted to know u!if u can plz accept my humble request n add me as one of ur friend!

  99. its me again…… here’s my e-mail ennelle_shem12@yahoo.com hoping that you’ll accept my request… thanks

  100. Hai Lee Min Ho,

    I’m one of your crazy fan in Malaysia..Since I know you in BBF, you make me falling love with Korean Drama..and now, everyday i will watch personal taste because of you..You looked very handsome in this drama..I really like your acting..The way you looked at the person you really love, make me feel strong…Your eye can tell everything…no need to talk…You are my inspiration..When I feel so stressed, I will watch your drama…See your acting make me forget everything happend to me..Thanks for your good acting..It’s like real to me..Wish you happy belated birthday and good luck in your acting world and real life…May GOD bless u..

  101. Hello , Lee Min Ho ….

    I’m Ingyin. I’m Myanmar. I always watch your TV series,I love your BOF& Other movies . I want to know about your mail & I want to chatting with you directly . I know , you are very busy with your job but give me a chance to chatting with you. You are a perfect actor in my mind so you keep your action. I hope , You can visit Myanmar. We LOVE you . Your smile is so cute & your eyes are very attraction for teenagers. I hope , your reply mail . We ( Myanmar People ) are waiting you , when u come to visit in my country . We ( Myanmar Teenagers ) LOVE you . You are a great actor so Try hard more and more. God Bless :) Forever , I LOVE You .
    ( Let Me Be Bride Yours ) ,,,,,,,,,, Hal Hal ,,,,,,,,,,,
    Ingyin ( Myanmar )

  102. Hello Lee Min Ho!!!

    Have you ever heard anything about Kyrgyzstan (a small country in Central Asia)? I am Kyrgyz and the population of my country is 5 million. We have a beautiful Issyk-Kul lake, high mountains. The BOF were wonderful experiences. Thank you for the excellent professional actors’ play, subtle mental and nervous transmission of feelings and emotions. I and my colleagues from the Coca-Cola company look forward to continuing.
    Thank your parents for a son!
    Could you write a few words to me and my colleagues. We would be very glad and happy!
    Thank you for your attention to my letter!!! :)))
    e-mail taalay.sydykova@gmail.com

  103. goodluck

  104. hey..im Tiara from Indonesia
    Lee Min Ho you’re so keeewl..i really wanna meet youuuu :)

  105. Halohaa Lee Min Ho :* let’s go to Indonesia, because here you are so many wonderful fans, we hope you like visiting Indonesia, for your fans in Indonesia is eager to meet directly with you, we’re all fans of yours, and one word for you! we love you!

  106. your face turned my world, please come to Indonesia, because here is to meet and greet you, and do not forget if you go to Indonesia .. go to bali, bali paradise for the world:) we really admire lee min ho

  107. 안녕하세요 리 분 호, 저는 인도네시아에서 팬들을 방문하시기 바랍니다 인도네시아, 부탁이야! 당신의 수많은 팬들이 있기 때문에 여기 팬 리 분 인도네시아의 밑에서 아주 광신적인 팬들과 놀라워! 우리 모두가 당신을 사랑

  108. Lee Min Ho have gud time.. all my gud wishes r wid u ..how much i try bt i could not 4get ur sweet loving face

  109. I wish u could cum 2 India and meet me

  110. Please make a new page but in English, I can not understand because it is in Korean, and I could translate also ask a Social Security number appears and is not covered. Please if you make a website more accessible for us that we are not asian and do not know Korean, would be very good. So we could also have the possibility that Lee Min Ho read our comments and our good wishes .. I loveeee Min ho!!

  111. Happy Birthday min ho

  112. Happy Birthday to min ho. I’m sorry. I’m late.

  113. Hello
    lee min ho how are you? love take care ur self

  114. hi i love you so much please give me you téléphone number

  115. hi lee min hoسلام لی مین هو
    iam sakine ilove you من سکینه ام خیلی دوستت دارم

  116. Wow…..i dont just knw ao 2 xpress my deep feelings ryt now….anyways…HI MIN HO OR SHLD I SAY JUN?AM SEUN BY NAME,AM UR NUMBA 1 FAN..AM 4RM NIGERIA…..MY EMAIL ADD IS oluwaseun.ogunnaike@yahoo.com or u can find me on twitter @seunsexy21 or on fb Ogunnaike oluwaseun…SERIOUSLY I…UMM..I’L RILY APPRECIATE IT IF WE CAN BE 4RNDS..DO I SOUND STUPID?…CUS I DNT EVEN KNW IF U AV D TYM…well ONE LOVE…AJA!!AJA!!!….FIGHTING!! Go go go minho!!

  117. I love you movies and I’m like crazy know We’re here how we love lee min ho won ……..
    “Atefeh as Iran”

  118. oh gyes are you ok?in my opinion lee min ho is not cool and I don’t like him

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