On the 16th, The episode 13 played on air in KBS 2TV. Jandi found a tourist map dropped by Jae-kyung. She found a place to sell beef jerky, which she thought her dad might love to have it with his drink, and tried to bargain it while she wanted to find the marked place on the map. In the meantime a thief saw an opportunity to steal her pocket and took it out but it was caught by Jae-kyung.

She asked him to give it back to her in English and Chinese to make sure he understood what she had said. Yet, she had to do the Taekwondo kick to get her wallet back at last. She even helped her to bargain the beef jerky.  Her behavior on the scene looked really easy going and friendly. Jandi felt so much appreciate it and asked her name before took apart without knowing who she is and how she will affect her life later.

There were some comments on the web after this episode saying that Jae-kyung was so attractive that made Jandi looked so pathetic, many people shocked to hear her decent accents of both English and Chinese, and The kick looked wonderful, it should be heartbreaking to see them as rivals in terms of love, etc.

Jae-kyung is Jun-pyo’s betrothed woman and she and jandi had to deal with many different episodes relating Jun-pyo. It should be so fun to watch Jandi’s act when she finds out Jae-kyung is engaged to Jun-pyo.  Please wait how much realistic acts she will show us to entertain when the time comes.

Source: Newsen