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Yeo Jin went back to bed again for the last.  She has never been sick but she was made to be sick by her family.  It seems not a good life although she was born to be rich.  I can’t think of anyone in this sort of position right now but family members of kings from ancient world must be common.  It is so vicious to look at that people actually want to kill other family members to ensure their throne.

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Yeo Jin experienced hallucinating to see the people she killed especially her brother, Do Jun.  That made her so difficult to even just walk or sleep.  She automatically thought that she got the punishment from God and she felt she deserved.  She couldn’t get good sleep and rest because of her dead brother’s hallucination.  She became weaker and weaker and it looks like that she also had to follow her brother.  It is the last episode and her death seemed justifiable.

Of course she owns a medical center and had all the famous doctors to check her body.  The result was “No Problem”.  She felt funny that she is physically healthy but that was the result and she had to trust it.  Her dead brother showed up more often and she didn’t know what to do and became weaker.  Now she fainted more and more.  She needed someone’s help.  There are so many people looks loyal to her but she only trusts a person.  That is her husband, Tae Hyun.

Tae Hyun was having his peaceful and meaningful life away from the throne.  He doesn’t have to be a doctor for making money or goals.  He became a friendly doctor for all the poor sick neighbors.  He can’t afford to get any kinds of luxurious things but he was having a time of his life.  He drinks canned beer with the people he likes including gangsters at a table that belongs to a supermarket on a street.  He finally found the true life style and want to enjoy every moment.  The only one thing he wanted to have in that moment was his wife, Yeo Jin.  He understood that she couldn’t be with him until she drops her wealth.


She was dying and wanted to be with Tae Hyun.  She looked at him from a distance and wanted to join but she also saw her sister in law, Choi Jae young (Chae Jung An), with him.  She couldn’t go near him because of her and that was the reason why Jae Young stayed close to him.  Yes, she is the one who wants to kill Yeo Jin.  She ordered a maid to give Yeo Jin water that contained with a chemical that causes acute liver cancer and hallucination.  It worked well and she was dying.  No one told her what kind of sickness she had from her own medical center since many of the high ranked positioned people from her enterprise was involved.  It was a systematical killing and she was the victim.


She finally met her husband but couldn’t tell him about her sickness.  She just promised that she would come down from the 13th floor from the medical center and come to him in the first floor since his name of his clinic is the First Floor Clinic.  She left him and that was the last time she could even stay conscious.  Her body was wasted with the chemical and couldn’t even think and say anything on her own.  That made all the people who were involved with killing happy and they were having party in her house.  They wanted to discuss about how to share her heritage after her death.


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There is a female butler of her house who is with Yeo Jin’s side laid low and investigated on her own about the killing her.  She told Tae Hyun with the words that only he understood what was happening at her house that day on the phone while his body guard tried to talk to her.  He finally figured out her danger and sneaked in to save her.  He successfully saved her from the people and handed all to the cop but couldn’t save her from the cancer.

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She was on a bed and dying again.  No doctors wanted to save her since it was too late.  Tae Hyun also knew that it was impossible and had to be with her until the last minute of her life.  She wanted to go to The Hill of Wind where they promised to go together and she knew her time was near.  They managed to get there and enjoyed the moment but she lost her consciousness.  Tae Hyun couldn’t do anything else except holding her and crying.  That is the moment that people must feel that we are so helpless.

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All of a sudden, a young person with hoodie showed up at the medical center with Cynthia (Stephanie Lee) offering her Surgery.  Cynthia got a call from the nurses about Yeo Jin’s condition and brought the best Yong Pal doc from America.  The two Yong Pal did the surgery and Yeo Jin opened her eyes to see her husband at the end.  Sleeping Beauty has to get up and meet her hero and  that is the fairy tale we all have in our mind.  That shouldn’t be altered with any reason, not even with poisoned water or apple.

OST To My Love (Sarang Hanun Gudae ege) by The One

Source: Screen Capture