Song Seung-heon (Profile)


200809221819038091 Song Seung heon (Profile)

Real Name: Song Seung-bok

Date of Birth: 05 Oct. 1976, Seoul, Korea

Height: 5′ 90” (1.80 m)

Hobby: Watching movies, Collecting DVD, Computer game

Personal Homepage: None

Fanclub Site: seungheon (Japanese)

Official Site: hunirang (Korean)

Filmography: Sookmyeong (2008)   more at IMDB

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  1. you are the best!!! i like you so much! i make tarpolins and printed pictures of yours then put it im the wall of my room :) you always inspire me!! saranghae!

  2. Your eyes, your signature smile (closed lips & kind of pouting, it’s the best feature), your thick eyebrows… Another word, everything about you is so darn sexy plus your superb acting skill all that make you the best Korean male actor. I’d like to see you perform more with actress Moon Geun-Young (my favorite). With her incredible acting skill and yours combined; I’m sure will make 1 hell of a movie. Although she’s much more younger than you are but I think you & her will make a very lovely couple.

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