Members: Onyu, Jong-hyun, Key, Min-ho, Tae-min

I am hearing about the famous K-drama, Boys over Flowers, all the time.  Even elementary kids are talking about  how handsome Gu Jun-pyo is.  Many elderly women also talks about them as a set of princes.  I think they have already prevailed the Korean drama industry right after the first week they were on air.

The theme songs of the drama have got so popular along with the popularity of the drama. I will list all of the original sound track list down below.

1. Paradise (Main theme song) – T-Max

2. Nae Muhriga Nappaseo (I have bad memory) -SS501

3. Algo itnayo (Do you know?) – Someday

4. Stand By Me – SHINee

5. Lucky – Ashley

6. Buylbit Nunmul (Starlight Tears) – Kim Yu-kyung

7. Jogumun (A little bit) – Seo Jin-young

8. One More Time

9. I know (Saxophone Inst.)

10. Dance With Me (Inst.)

11. Blue Flower (Inst.)

12. So Sad (Inst.)

Stand By Me sang by SHINee is one of the fine music played in this drama. Enjoy the music with some of the drama clips.  Gu Hye-sun looks so cute~~~~!!