Stand By Me- SHINee, OST of Boys over Flowers

shinee thumb Stand By Me  SHINee, OST of Boys over Flowers

Members: Onyu, Jong-hyun, Key, Min-ho, Tae-min

I am hearing about the famous K-drama, Boys over Flowers, all the time.  Even elementary kids are talking about  how handsome Gu Jun-pyo is.  Many elderly women also talks about them as a set of princes.  I think they have already prevailed the Korean drama industry right after the first week they were on air.

The theme songs of the drama have got so popular along with the popularity of the drama. I will list all of the original sound track list down below.

1. Paradise (Main theme song) – T-Max

2. Nae Muhriga Nappaseo (I have bad memory) -SS501

3. Algo itnayo (Do you know?) – Someday

4. Stand By Me – SHINee

5. Lucky – Ashley

6. Buylbit Nunmul (Starlight Tears) – Kim Yu-kyung

7. Jogumun (A little bit) – Seo Jin-young

8. One More Time

9. I know (Saxophone Inst.)

10. Dance With Me (Inst.)

11. Blue Flower (Inst.)

12. So Sad (Inst.)

Stand By Me sang by SHINee is one of the fine music played in this drama. Enjoy the music with some of the drama clips.  Gu Hye-sun looks so cute~~~~!!


  1. I love kim beom and the geul couple [sorry forgot the name of the character that kimbeom plays in the drama] boys over flowers is sad, funny, and sorta romantic.

    How many episodes are there?

    I’m in part 13 episode 4

  2. Shannon/ Thank you for visiting our blog. Total episodes of BOF are 24. Because of Gu hye-sun’s car accident, the drama could not be aired on March 2. That caused a problem for the schedule. According to the original episodes, the drama will end on Monday (March 30) , which would be awkward for a drama called Monday-Tuesday Drama. The production company of BOF is known to consider three options – add one more episode, two more episodes, or make a special show.

  3. i want to see lee min-ho, how’s that? thanks. :)

  4. h!i love boys over flowers especially kim hyun-joong,.i love his smile so cuta and kim beom,,..i love them all^_^

  5. OMG, I really love this song! Don’t really get tired of listening to it!

  6. An nyong haseyo. I like Yoon Jihu(Gim Hyeonjung) so much although he is quiet. Sunny, could u tell me how can i connect wit Hyeonjung? Thanks

  7. ..its so wonderful and beautiful…i hope there wil be part 2..with the same actors and actresses…!!!!!thank u…patr 2 of BOF .huh!thanks !

  8. I love this drama. It is really good lesson about:

    1. Friends – boys and girls are together to solve the problems, share about the happiness that you can not find in this world

    2. Love – that is a unconditional love, though you are not beautiful, rich, high position in this world the most important is that love overflow from your heart.

    3. Family: if you look in the real world, the parents always do their business, they never take care of their children. That’s true! In contrast, you can see how the Geum San Ji, she is so lucky cause she is in a family with warm heart, how i wish this drama will remind parents about the lesson – though they work hard, they make the rich family, but the most important is their love and armest
    4. I have one request, would you please translate for me the song: Starlight tears, I am stupid, I know, Naeson Hae to English Version, I do appreciate about that! Koma yo!

  9. name is maryam and cme from iran but i love lee min ho very very much.he is very handsome and i am trying to com korea just for looking him.plz say to me,his phone number & his email.thanks a lot for all of you.I LOVE LEE MIN HO SO MIUCH.KISS KISS

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  12. hi i m a indian. i like the boys over flowers drama . i like the actor lee min ho. he is very good at acting. kindly release the second part of the drama including same actors and actress. it seems korea has many resembalance with india in terms of love

  13. shinee i am your very big fan u voice really thrills me stand by me is 1 of my best songs ever i never get bored of it anytime i sure

  14. i bealive it is e most perfect film.ey absolutely rock.i wld love to corresponde with f four and jandi

  15. l love flowers over boys its so entartaining!!!!!…..and romantic

  16. dear maryam im iranian too
    and i love lee min hoo too
    but i love kim hyun jung more!!!
    i love to go to korea and live there 4 ever
    i dont know how old are you but i think you are in my age
    this is my e-mail if you find anything from lee min hoo and kim hyun jung please send me
    thank u!!

  17. I love this drama so MUCH… Thanks for the soundtrack

  18. name is nardin.i see boys before flowers.they are realy flower &i love kim huyng very very much oh and i,m iranian>thanks alot f4

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