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Yeo Jin sit with her husband, Tae Hyun at a table and was having a lovely meal.  All the threat were neutralized.  There is no one wants to to kill or capture them any more.  They were so much happy and she wanted to enjoy that moment with her love in her house.  But the background color was too white.

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Her eyes wanted to see only her lovely husband, nothing else, and her look represented all the love and respect in the whole world.  However it was too bright with color white.  Tae Hyun didn’t like her look at all but he knew that there were some things to mention although it disturbed her lovely look.  He asked her to stop her plan to hurt the people that wanted to kill her.  He understood why she hated them so much and why she wanted to kill them but he also knew that her action would only make her the same person that she hates.

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As soon as he mentioned, her look changed.  She was not the lovely eyed woman who only sees her husband any more.  She revealed her anger towards those horrible people who planned and wanted to kill her.  She told him that they were deserved to get the punishment because she was the victim for the three horrible years in a hospital bed.  When she said that words to her husband, she was not the innocent and vulnerable girl that needed to be protected from others.  She became a ruthless goddess of revenge that no one could control even herself.  He saw her and felt hurt.  He hated to think about that she had to become the one he saw after all those obstacles that they went through.  He was asking her to forgive all the people that tried to hurt her but he also knew that she couldn’t because of her characteristics.  She wants her own justice and he doesn’t want her to get hurt by doing her revenge.  He wants to protect her because he knows the truth that an action by hating someone will also affect oneself.

Source: Screen Capture