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Media announced that Lee Min Ho and Suzy broke up after seeing each other for 6 months but the both of the entertainment companies (Starhaus and JYP) all denied.  Starhaus personally asked Min Ho and he said he still meets her right.  JYP also confirmed with Suzy that they are having a good relationship.


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nut rage



While I was watching the heirs, there are two interestingly related news were recently released in Korea.  First one is about ” Nut Rage”.  I guess this is so popular news that even many foreigners have already known.



Cha Eunsang (Park Shinhye) always works until she goes to see her sister’s wedding.  Her mom works at Kim Tan’s parent’s house as a maid.  As we already know that Tan family’s tangled relationship, their attitude towards her mom is not that nice.  Though Eunsang’s mom is speech-impaired, she writes to show her expressions to them without kissing their asses.  When Tan, Eunsang, Rahel (Kim Jiwon) and others finds out where Eunsang’s mom works, that will be another heart braking fact that hurt my feeling.  I don’t like this setting because those who has money will attack her dignity.  It won’t be pretty, you guys.




Tan’s gamble- Love or Love Not

I thought that Tan (Lee Minho) would hate his brother, Won (Choi Jinhyuk), after what Won told him about leaving Korea for good.  Yet it wasn’t.  He loves him so much.  He couldn’t wait to see him as soon as he heard Won is in the US.  At the same time, Tan’s fiancee was visiting him from all the way from Korea to celebrate their anniversary but he was in a hurry to see him.


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