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Boys over Flowers only has two episodes left but there is another pretty woman joining for the last two episodes.  Her name is Kim Minji and her role is Yumi, the fake lover of Gu Jun-pyo.  There has been so many pretty women in this drama already. 


Why does it need another one for when it is almost finished the story?  Of course she is in the original story as Woo-mi that stays with amnesiac Jun-pyo.  It is not a big role that usually a spot for a new face, not like Kim Min-ji.  I guess all the entertainment companies and actresses want to jump into this bandwagon and enjoy its popularity even in the last minute.  I feel for it but also makes me sad to watch a drama that is not really gear toward the story, but try to be recognized by many viewers.


There was a picture leaked before the next episode.  But this picture was not just the picture of any Boys over Flowers.  It contained what the ending of the drama would be and that was why the staffs felt bad about this leak.



Jun-pyo showed us how to shop with his girlfriend.



The actress Kim So-eun showed high quality skiing techniques on the episode 12.



Jun-pyo said,”I am the star and the moon inside is you.”

On the episode 12 Jun-pyo gave a custom made necklace to Jandi.  He got pretty close to her after the kidnapping incident.  He wanted to make sure she is his girl.  He gave the necklace and told her that it is only one in this world and he would kill her if she lose it.

He also said that he personally designed it and ordered it.  He explained the star is himself and the moon inside is her.  She asked him why he and she are the star and the moon respectively.  He said Geum Jandi could not get away from Jun-pyo star and he said he would never let it go.  Jandi felt shy but she expressed her feeling as covering him with her close after hearing his cough.



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