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Star’s Lover Episode 12

I have never thought this sort of thing happens to Eun-young. (more…)

Star’s Lover Episode 14


I knew who he was in a first sight.

Mari’s first love, Seo Woo-jin.


Star’s Lover- Culsu’s Diary (Episode 7)


“What I meant was I like you !!”

Too surprised.


Kim Jun the member of male singing group T-Max gets to act and sing in the drama, Boys over Flowers


Members: Shin Min-chul, Park Yoon-wha, Kim Jun

First Released Album: Blooming, 2007


F4’s real school photos show their handsome and clean faces to public



? The names from top to bottom: Lee Min-ho, Kim Jun, Kim Bum, and Kim  Hyun-jung



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