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The actress Kim So-eun showed high quality skiing techniques on the episode 12.



Jun-pyo said,”I am the star and the moon inside is you.”

On the episode 12 Jun-pyo gave a custom made necklace to Jandi.  He got pretty close to her after the kidnapping incident.  He wanted to make sure she is his girl.  He gave the necklace and told her that it is only one in this world and he would kill her if she lose it.

He also said that he personally designed it and ordered it.  He explained the star is himself and the moon inside is her.  She asked him why he and she are the star and the moon respectively.  He said Geum Jandi could not get away from Jun-pyo star and he said he would never let it go.  Jandi felt shy but she expressed her feeling as covering him with her close after hearing his cough.



Kim Jun the member of male singing group T-Max gets to act and sing in the drama, Boys over Flowers


Members: Shin Min-chul, Park Yoon-wha, Kim Jun

First Released Album: Blooming, 2007


F4’s real school photos show their handsome and clean faces to public



? The names from top to bottom: Lee Min-ho, Kim Jun, Kim Bum, and Kim  Hyun-jung



Their first kiss was distracted and lost the moment on the episode 8, Boys over Flowers




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