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Lee Shi-young wasn’t just appeared from nowhere.  She thoroughly prepared her stardom from a few years ago.  She studied fashion design in her college but it looks like she really like to learn how to dance from those years.





Date of Birth: 10 April 1976, Seoul, Korea (more…)


Kim Jun the member of male singing group T-Max gets to act and sing in the drama, Boys over Flowers


Members: Shin Min-chul, Park Yoon-wha, Kim Jun

First Released Album: Blooming, 2007


Eun-Jae could not accept Gun-woo’s propose because she thought she does not deserve to have such a nice person.


Source: SBS


There are some scenes that show the lovely private moment between the lovers, super star, Lee Mari, and the poor school instructor, Kim Chulsu.

star1 star2

They really look like true lovers.


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