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Han Dong-ju (Lee Dong-gun) told Jisu while she was on a bus.

Dong-ju: I won’t give you anything today.  I am giving you my heart that misses you.”


From Choi Jin-shil’s suicide to Na Huna’s weird rumor.


From the top left Choi Jin-young is holding his sister Jin-shil‘s portrait, , Na Hoon-ah is rigidly talking in a press conference, Seo Taeji is smiling in a press conference, and Choi Min-su is walking out from police investigation.


A mild impression vs An outdated ending


Finally the drama Star’s Lover came to an end.  People wanted to know what might happen to Chulsu and Mari from the very beginning of the show and the ending was happily married.


Star’s Lover- Culsu’s Diary (Episode 7)


“What I meant was I like you !!”

Too surprised.


Kim Hyun-jung is acting the Yoon Jihu role in BOF.  He told the press that he passed out during the shooting and had some difficulty there.



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