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Date of Birth: 04 Mar. 1986, Seoul, Korea

Height: 5? 41” (1.64 m)

Hobby: Horseback Riding

Personal Homepage: cyworld (Korean)

Fanclub Site: naver (Korean)

Official Site: sidushq (Korean)

Agency: Sidushq Entertainment

Filmography: Jamyunggo (2009)   more at naver (Korean)

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It was a bit surprising to hear that Song Hye-gyo was selected for Levi’s model.  She is not that tall and doesn’t have the lines to brag about her body as far as I know.



Han Ye seul was born in America and came to Korea to become a star.  She reached her stardom from drama, Whansang ui Couple (A Fantastic Couple), 2006, MBC TV.




There was a news about Jo In-sung and Ko Hyun-jeong was seen in public on the 27th of Feb.  I personally don’t know why this became one of the issues on stars right now.  I just think that some of the bad reporters just want some news out of big name stars to get more attention of their reports.  I am going to write about what kind of scene it was when they were spotted in public.  You might agree with me after you finish reading my post.




Real Name: Jang Jeong-an

Date of Birth: 09 Sept. 1977, Seoul, Korea

Height: 5? 64” (1.72 m)

Hobby: Pocket ball

Personal Homepage: none

Fanclub Site: daum (Korean)

Official Site: none

Agency: Mtown Entertainment

Filmography: Cane and Abel, SBS TV(2008)   more at imdb

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