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It has been five years since those two big stars were seen on TV.  Simply said, it was worth watching it with this reason alone.





On the 9th he got hurt by a traffic accident. He wrote how sorry he was to make his fans worry by his unfortunate accident on his mini homepage on the 17th. and the down below is what he wrote.



Lee jia will work with producer Lee Jang-su and play on an internationally producing drama. Producer Lee Jang-su is well-known for making famous Hallyu dramas, such as Stars to heaven, Beautiful Days, Love Story in Harvard, Winter Sonata, etc.


The top star, Kim Tae-hee is waking up from her hibernation for a new drama in this spring after a long absence from Korean drama industry although she has been busy working with TV commercials.

taehee (more…)


Her act was approaching to a climax on episode 75.


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