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Son Dambi is coming back to TV screen  with her first album, Saturday Night on the 24th.  She was on the TV show We are Married about three months ago and disappeared after changing couples for the show.  She was already famous for her song, I am Crazy, but the show made her even more friendly figure.  She and Marco were couple and showed us their pretended married life for a couple of months.  (more…)

The queen of Ballad, Baek Ji-young passed out after long tiring days and a cold.  She was transported to a hospital in Kangnam area and being treated.



Real Name: Im Yuna

Date of Birth: 30 May 1990, Seoul, Korea

Height: 5? 44″ (1.66 m)

Hobby: Listening to music, Playing with her dog

Personal Homepage: style (Korean)

Fanclub Site: naver (Korean)

Official Site: girlsgeneration

Discography: Gee (2008) more at

Filmography:  Cinderella Man (2009) (will be on air on April)

View more photos and video clips.


Date of Birth: 25 Sept. 1983, Seoul, Korea


Five-member singing group Bing Bang published a book on life story on January 28. The book  titled “Shout yourself to the world – Rushing to the dream, 13,140 days’ challenge of Big Bang” became a national besteller selling more than 100,000 copies just within 10 days after publication.



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