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Star’s Lover Episode 12

I have never thought this sort of thing happens to Eun-young. (more…)

Star’s Lover Episode 14


I knew who he was in a first sight.

Mari’s first love, Seo Woo-jin.


Star’s Lover- Culsu’s Diary (Episode 7)


“What I meant was I like you !!”

Too surprised.




Dae Jang Geum has become a worldwide drama. According to wikipedia, following countries have watched the drama. Let us know if your country is missing :-)  Now I added Kenya based on a comment. Thank you Susan for the comment.

Australia / Brunei / Canada / Egypt / India / Indonesia / Iran / Israel / Japan / Jordan / Kenya/Mainland China (plus Hong Kong) / Malaysia / Nigeria / Philippines / Russia / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand /Tunisia/ Turkey / United States (more…)

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