The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

38 thumb The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

Yeah, it was the time to wrap up your favorite story.  I know how hard it must be to see the last episode of your favorite show.  It was the only fun that you had enjoyed for last few months but you have to find some other things to do.  You just hoped to see the wonderful ending for Jun-pyo and Jandi.  If that fits in your expectation, you can at least hold that image in your heart and feel happy about it.  However, if it is not, you just can’t have a good night sleep for a couple of days. 

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5 thumb11 The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

Does it have a good ending?  I would say it was a moderate finish.  The producer couldn’t take any risk to ruin the fans’ fantasy.  I would do the same as he had done since fans react the most sensitive for the ending and he didn’t want to be nailed by any unexpected moves .  It shouldn’t be this way for the work but there is not much choice in front of hundreds of thousands of fans.  To prevent this problem, we should film all the episodes and then start playing on air like some other country’s mini series shows.


4 thumb12 The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

Jun-pyo lost his memory of Jandi after the accident and Yumi took his heart.  They were almost made through it but Jandi brought his memory back after she risked her life to throw herself into the pool at the party. 


7 thumb13 The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

Jun-pyo asked her to go overseas with him for marriage and study together but she refused for her own goal.  Kim Beom also flew out of Korea leaving Ga-eul behind.  They all promised them to come back in four years.  Guess what would happen later?  They all came back to their loves.  They became all so successful and happy and they came back where they belonged. 


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They had to come back to their ladies because it is a fantasy story.  All of the female fans really wanted to see that the perfect prince Handsomes must think about their ladies for those four years and come straight back to them and propose for marriage.  It sounded no fun and too simple but there was no other episode to shoot and it had to be happy ending to make sure no female fans get angry.  It was the classic style of the ending and there were not much complain and not much praise either, at the same time. 


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19 thumb The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

21 thumb1 The Last Episode of Boys over Flowers

They were back to the Nam Mountain Tower again for dating.  It was where their first dating and spending a night stuck inside the cable car happened.  Jun-pyo asked her to go to America together but she said no. 


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He came back to her and bent his knee for proposing.  The water and the sun looked so great for the background.  Who wouldn’t want to say no with that sort of awesome sight.  It is all about the location and timing.  But remember ladies!!!  The beautiful moment might be the once in a life time but you need to live with the guy who propose you for a very long time!!!  Don’t be too emotional.  Be smart.  I am practicing here to say these words to my daughters when they grow up.


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All of a sudden, they were all together.  They all have big grins on their faces.  Was it because they all got together again or just so relieved to take the last scene?  I would do for the latter if I were there.


It is a video clip of Yeon yeah Suchup


  1. ohhh i love this article! The Ending is soo Romantic & the way i thought it would end. I love Boys over Flowers! I just can’t wait unti l i watch the last couple episodes! [= I love you BOF!


  3. OMG! Første gang jeg støder på en dansk blog med samme interesser som mig! BEDSTE DRAMA EVER, den slår alle de andre asiatiske versioner af BOF.

  4. Hej. Rui. Tak fordi du besøger vores blog. Jeg er ked af at sige dette, men denne blog er skrevet på engelsk, og hvad du læser er Googles oversættelse. Anyway, velkommen og nyd Koreansk drama.

  5. It was fun to see how it would end…comparing and contrasting it to the taiwanese and japanese versions. Would have been fun to see a different twist at the end. But as you said, the producers would not risk alienating the fans.

    Tnks for this article…i had a great laugh on how you described it – “there were not much complain and not much praise either, at the same time.” haha! it was as you said it was.

    And finally I had a big laugh over your “All of a sudden, they were all together. They all have big grins on their faces. Was it because they all got together again or just so relieved to take the last scene?” Funny :-)

    Too bad they had to lose courage and not think of a more creative and less trite ending that had given the cutting edge to Korean Dramas over the years.

    The actors were not as good as the Japanese lead actors but they kind of grow on you over time. I like it that they gave equal exposure to all the F4 guys and not just the lead guy. The supporting characters were well fleshed-out compared to the taiwanese and japanese versions. Fashion-wise, this version exceeded the previous ones except for the island scene where Jandi suddenly became out of character because of her girly attires.

    Overall, this version has heart. Kudos to Yoko Kamio for her manga series that inspired all these tv drama series.

  6. hello every one. it was great great …. drama i’ve erer seen and i love lee minho so much.

  7. hello every one. it was great great …. drama i’ve ever seen and i love lee minho so much.

  8. This movie was nice comparing with taiwanese version. Their story line are touching and more romance. Hope to see the Part II soon with the same actors & actress as well.

  9. Hello!!! I’m an avid Filipino fan of Korean Taiwanese, Japanese dramas.
    Boys over flower is definitely a very nice, very romantic, new faces yapees drama. All the cast made their acting well, the exposure of the F4 are all fair and have their own story too. I have not finish viewing the series but definitely I will not miss any of the episodes. Hope to see them and visit the Philippines too.
    Hope to see more of your projects soon guys.

  10. wow!!!!its awesome….i couldnt take more days to finish such great korean drama…..

    the cinamatography is very good and so with cast of characters….including the plot. Some may say it resembles the meteor garden but if you will take a deeper view its completely different..

  11. na ui, pingis ang ending!

  12. hY I almost died watching this tv shOw its to sweeT itS awsome cooooooooooooooooonGrAtssssssssssss

  13. hy love it almossssssssssssssT

  14. It’s really a must see drama series.You guys will surely get astonish and get off from your feet as you watch this extraordinary and marvelous koreanovela.Even i’m a boy,I’m blithe to watch the blissful love story of Jan Di and Jun Pyo!Hurray to this new top-rating drama and I hope to see more about Lee Min-Ho and Koo Hye-Sun.Also wishing to meet all these cute casts.hehehe.Love you all!

  15. I love Kim Bum and Kim So-yeun.
    Hope that they will have some tv series the two couples are the main!I’m sure many fans will watch that movie!..
    Hop that there is a part 2 Boys over flowers.

  16. I love BOF!, All Filipinos Love it!,.. It is not finished here in Philippines but I read this Article and it is so Romantic! BOF is the greatest drama I watch in my whole life! I cannot wait to have BOF 2, I wish there will be BOF 2.. btw BOF rocks!

  17. nice telenovela.

  18. nice movie/drama

  19. Friendster,yahoo

  20. It’s the hottest drama now all over the world! This drama will be included in my top 10 list :)

  21. sana ireply ang boys over flowers ng sunday para mpanood nmin plsssssssssssss

  22. grabehhhh na to!!!!!
    wow naman….i cant wait na makita yung ending!

    nakakaloka na to!

    talagang bibili ako ng dvd nito!

  23. . . . . sana may replay ..every sunday ..para maka watch naman kami. . plsssssssssssss….

  24. bof is one of my most loved koreanovela…I love lee min ho!Hope to see him personally soon…Heheh

  25. . .i love ur drama . .boys over flowers . .

  26. . .kim beum. .plz add me in ur friendster . .plz , ,plz . .

  27. hay hay hay hay ,,,
    aku vita di indonesia bwt kak lee min hoo ,,aku ngefans bgt sama kamu ,,kapan ya kamu ke indonesia untuk bertemu dengan fans-fans kamu yang ada di indonesia ,,,
    oia aku hanya ingin beritahu kamu kalau aku punya banyak koleksi tentang kamu seperti gelang yang sama seperti punya kamu,,,datang ke indonesia donk..^.^

  28. i reAlly lOve watching BOF…
    i wIsh i cUd see F4 tOgeTheR wiTh jAn di iN pErsOn..
    ..,lovEly telenovela!!!

  29. it so nice to wathc boys over flowers it soheart whelming,it is like inheaven when you see the f4 there so hand some and oh so so cute……. i love guys!!!

  30. Wah… Akhir yang menyenangkan. Kim bum kapan ke indonesia? Saya yakin selain fansnya min ho di sini juga banyak fansnya kim bum, termasuk saya. Saya suka banget sama kim bum yang baby face banget. Dan saya juga suka min ho yang cool meranin jun pyo. Sukses buat kalian deh.

  31. here we go
    i cannot sleep because of LEE MIN-HO!!!
    tough to say that i crazy in love with LMH@GU JUN-PYO…

  32. Kyaaaa lee min ho ..

    Datang ke indonesia dunkkk

    I am so realy happy if you come to indonesiaa ..

    ak ngefans bgt ma Km..>..<

    BOF is the best forever

  33. Lee min Ho plssss add me in you friendsterrr………… pleaseee i wanna it pleaseeee>..<

  34. Oh my god ,

    Geum jandi you is so beatiful…

    this is so great drama….

    I love you BOF

  35. absolutely good ending!

    Compare with other versions of Hana Yori Dango that ever exist in my tv (hehe ^^), this drama, BBF Korean version, is the best ever.

    In my country, Indonesia, has played till 17th episode now. But, i’ve already finished all chaptures 2 weeks ago with my tears in my face every single episode!!

    The best scene that i love when Jan Di throw herself to the pool, afterwards Jun Pyo remember all the memories that have lost and save Jan Di soon.. I really really love that scene with backsound “Gaseumi Ottohke Dwannabwa” song..
    It’s cool, 2 thumbs up.. Standing applause
    [too over. Lebay banget gw (indonesian lang.) hehehe.]

    LOVE MINOZ (Lee Min Ho-red)

  36. sus kaguapo naman tlaga ng f4. wish q lng makita q cla to sa pinas ng perssonal.. guys, keep it up!! ur d best..

  37. i really love the movie! the casts are all cute and gorgeous! how did the lord create such beauties in this world!hehehe..jandii became my all-time favorite korean actress…ever!

  38. ang panget niong lahat///////////////////////////////jhjhfhjtdujtdsgeuihrsehtgiud

  39. This sucks, now that “Boys OverFlowers” is gone. I’m gonna have to wonder into my house again ruining almost every furniture. ^-^
    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen. Sadly, I finished it off. *-*

  40. hello. love boys over flowers? then visit :
    boys over flowers have part 2. season 2! there one guy who want shin hwa to close down…
    no virus

  41. Whewwwww! I love BOF.. Its the best korean movie i ever saw… I love jandi and jun-pyo tandem. I cant wait tosee the BOF-2…………. Dont take it too long. I hope they will visit Manila soonest…. If not I will go to Korea personally to see them all… What do you think?

  42. whew!!! im ur avid fan guyzz!!


    love u jun pyo nd ji hoo i hope mkita ko kau in person,

    susubaybayan ko pa dn ung part two ng BOF

    kip up the gud work guyzzzzzzzzz


  43. i dont want jun pyo to be with other women besides jan di.guess the ending is not so bad afterall :)

  44. I love lee min ho. pls sent ur photo to me

  45. I really like tihis movie. It gives not only comedy but also romance. I like Jun Pyo. Aja Aja Fighting!

  46. helo. alam nyo po meron akong klasmeyt d2, na naluluka sa movie na….. boys over flower….pano ba naman kasi….2ng frind qng to……. nilalagyan nya nang kung ano anung poster…..ang lahat ng bubong sa kanilang bahay,so, ayon 2luy hindi na nya makakalimutan ang cast na nagpapakilig sa bolta boltaheng ugat ng kanyang buong katawan……..hayyyyyy!!!!!!!! nakakaluka ang frind kung e2…… but dont worry makilala nyo naman xia eh….. just call her……in the name of JUNICEL GUMAMPONG AMPONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!,o ayan na yung name nang frind ko huh…. pag nakita nyo yang babaeng yan……plz lang umiwas kau sa kanya,dahil ang pagtingin nya sa mukha mo is,si JUN PYO…..hanggang sa muli…… salamat………SARANG HI YO…….

  47. ahmmmm. cast ng BOF u know, pwede nyo ng makuha si junicel…… kapalit ni JAN DE

  48. wot? I though Jan Di gonna b wid Ji Hoo? Wot was da wedding bout? I’m so confused…..I want Ji Hoo 2 b wid Jan Di..oww…

  49. pls some1 explain 2 me bout da wedding….

  50. i love em………….evryone jun pyo….(lee min ho) ve become so obssesd
    plz director do sumthin need da session 2……………..pleeeeeeeeeeese

  51. lee min ho i wich you all came to brunei!! i wont to see you all every day ‘love you all’never for get you!!I PROMIS!!if you came to brunei i will RAN &HUG YOU ALL as my fewn even you all didn’t know me!! add my frindster( witing you!!:)

  52. there is no episode 25 i want to download those video…
    please please please….

  53. tolong dunk indosiar di tayang kan lagi bbf malem hari,klo sore sya kerja

  54. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!this is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen for the rest of my life u know?i always watch tis drama 8 tv but sadly they translate it to chinese….all my cousins have watch this drama in korean language…all of them said that it wil be more fun when u watch it in korean……………but what ever language they used its still the best sotory forever…….i love BOF!!!!!!

  55. hello jun pyo your very very very very very handsome and jandi ur so cute and beautiful. please go here in villasis .pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  56. this drama……so so so fantastic…..i realy2 hope the seasons 2 wil be coming….
    i realy2 love this drama…..i will never forgets this drama…..

  57. i never see the last episod…
    can u tell me…R they together????

  58. hai…i’m very hapy this story…

  59. wow… the ending was so bitin but it’s still ok….

    love u jun pyo..
    i will love bof forever

  60. it is really nice filem that i have seen.

  61. min ho its so sweet .at last u proposed jan di .luv u a lot…………………………………

  62. hy.,.,.,.,.,

    aq aisyah dari indonesia.,.,.,.,

    pingin dunk,.,.,.,., bsa bhs korea.,.,.,.,.,.,

    main2 dunkz ke indoesia.,.,.,

    aq tunggu za.,.,.,.,


  63. jun pyo just like my face buddy……….heheh3

  64. Super ganda ng movie na ‘toh…kahit 10x ko na xa pinapanood hindi nakka sawa…i love lee min hoo i think wer compatible…:-)

  65. Gu Jun pyo!!!!! i’ll be goin’ to macau next month the only reason is u…i reli reli love ur movie..hope to see soon…Come and visit Philippines….Were all excited to see you!!!!Saranghambnida!!!!!:-)

  66. this story very interesting..i very love…i hope can see this story alwayss…kim beom is very cuet..and gu lee min ba,,kim hyun joong and kim jun is very smart.!! i like thiss story veeryyyyyyy much!!!!!

  67. plzz make a BOF 2

  68. i luv korean drama….. so romantic and best…i luv woo bin…

  69. hang pa cemua tak leh dapat mereka kelima lima depa 2sebab aku cup dulu understand meeeeeee lee min ho milik aku oooooooo

  70. sy suke citer korea coz diaorang punya hero cute n comel….in boys over flower i like kim jun(seo woo bin).he so cute n nice person…i hope f4 happy…caiyok2..

  71. i was so sad cause i almost like ji hoo and jan di,but the jun pyo was so buzybody and disturb the contact betweem ji hoo and jan di….wawawawawawa

  72. i got hooked with boys over flowers. i super like jun pyo! he’s soooo cute and hot!

  73. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I simply love this drama!!!!Gu Jun-Pyo is soooo Oh-So-Hot!!!!!Geum Jan-Di is cuter than Ha Jae-Kyung,Min Seo-Hyun and all others!!!!!!!

  74. boys over flower is the best in the world………
    i like boys over flower !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. I LUV BOF 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. sarang hae

    boys over flower

    i love you

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  78. fantastic………………………
    lee min ho, u are the bast ………………..
    I miss GU JOON PYO

  79. chayook……….oppa kim bum….sarangheyo….

    I LOVE U…..

  80. I’ am ina from malaysia i just love watch the boys over flower…ohh how so sweet!!caiyoookkkk…………….

  81. I love Korean drama especially boys over flower and master of study

  82. hate ko to na favorite,hate ko kc matataps na,favorite ko kc ikakasal na cla!!!!!!!!

  83. the best korean drama ever…. i wish i can watch this drama again…so romantic..i love it so much

  84. wow it’s so nice drama………………
    i like Gu jun pyo he is soo handsome……….
    especially his style………
    love for the jan di in DRama it is GREAT

  85. it is such a nice Drama …………….
    Especially love for jan di by GU HU PYO in drama i just like this ……………
    awesome ……………..
    i like u ” GU HU PYO”

  86. i love boys over flowers….. especially kim hyun joong…haharx…..long live yoon ji hoo…..

  87. what a lovely drama.i hope the actors will come to malaysia

  88. Thanks to my sister I got hooked on this, finished watching the last episode last nite…I do hope there is a 2nd season…loved it, well done and I thought the actors & actresses were awesome:)

  89. ……, i really like the story and i love watching it, even how many times…, whahahhahahh………..,

    ,,,. and i do hope there is an upcoming season of it …,

    i love it soooooooooooooooo much’


  91. What a touching and moving of drama.
    I’m glad that the drama finished happy.
    I like all Lee Min Ho, Kim Joon, Kim Hyun Jong, Kim Bum, Koo Hye Sun!
    They are the best, beautful, pretty, handsome and cutie actors!!!
    I wish them a big successful, more Awards and main thing strong-strong health!!!
    Regards from Kazakhstan!!!
    Thanks to all!

  92. After watching this drama. I still prefer the Japanese version.


  94. I am not Chinese, Korean, nor Japanese. And I haven’t seen neither the Japanese nor the Chinese version, however, I believe the Boys Over Flower is one of the best drama that I have watched. The Korean Actors and Actress in this drama are great performers. I believe the Korean movie industry has by passed the Chinese and the Japanese, they dressed up so well and their accting are much much better. Way to go!

  95. like u but will u come to Indonesia ,for meeting ur fans here Lee min ho…???

  96. oh i luv bof
    waiting 4 next part

  97. hey i hav seen all the episode of boys before flower and i am so excited to watch boys over flower and i was imaging that after lee min hoo proposed gum jan di and after that wat is going to happen



  100. the best

  101. Where can i get the DVD of this drama in india….??? Pls someone gimme info…

  102. Tis is an awesome drama…i luv al d characters especially jun pyo coz he proved tat eventhough he is frm a well 2 do family, luv hav no boundaries…he is so cute!!

  103. waahh
    the drama is so nice bha
    i hope the producer do more episode..
    u know?
    many people at my town download this drama…
    it is because its a romantic comedy..
    i love so yi jung…
    nice face..

  104. amazing movie i love this movie

  105. I wish this movie will never end hope for another episode Go jandi and gu jun pyo forever here in our heart of Filipinos we love you

  106. Jandi and Jun Pyo Forever ” star and Moon” of our life

  107. Hoping for next episode…, for Filipinos love this movie so much

  108. This is one of my favorite Korean dramas. I never missed an episode of this novella. I just love it too much. Jun-pyo is so handsome and despite of his attitude in the drama he still attracts me. The last episode made me really cry hard. Not because it was a happy ending for all of them but because the novella is coming to an end. I hope there is a continuation with the same cast.

  109. how a great pages i realy like it

  110. i luv bof……….more love kim bum and kim so eun (soeul mate).. kim bum and kim so eun..i’m one of ur big fan….when u all want to come to Malaysia? hope can watch both of u together in next drama…….

  111. then movie is so damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. я просто обожаю F4 это единственный корейский сериал который я посмотрела и после просмотра я в него влюбилась мне так хочется увидеть вторую часть, скажите где и когда она появиться чтоб её скачать????

  113. What kim shin hwa is off nw.why?he is the culest guy in these drama.i remember sayin’ him “yo my bro-prince of mafia”n kim hyun jung n kim bum r cutest…too…

  114. What kim shin hwa is off nw.why?he is the culest guy in these drama.i remember sayin’ him “yo my bro-prince of mafia”n cutest…lvly…too…

  115. ga eul and yi jeong..XD
    luv the couple very much….

  116. I hoped and hoped and hoped Jandi would be together with Ji Hoo. He is so sweet and always by her side but alas the ending is always the male lead and the female lead.

    I love Kim Hyun Joong!

  117. I wanted to see the wedding of both Jun-pyo and Jan-di.
    Other than that, it was a great ending, in my opinion.
    Rather an amazing journey filled with giggles, awwww’s, ooooh, ohnos!, WHY!?[well, you get what I mean].
    All the casts gave their best and they were brilliant. >< :

  118. Just luv evrytng abt hana yori dango . 1 wish want 2 see the whole cast again in a sequial drama Luv hyd loadsssss……

  119. mahal kita goo jun pyo

  120. i just luv Lee Min-ho, wish h wud go out wth mwa….it wil b s exciting….he myt be al spoilt on the drama but h myt hv a gud personality, a gud character….just huk m up wt hm….h is not hot but cute….i hup h is on facebook…wow wow….

  121. Am heart broken, soulmates r suposed 2 end up 2gether, that is ji-hoo n jandi. Disapointed

  122. first time to watch a Korean drama and i i loved the show! everything
    about it is so cool! a really beautiful story!

  123. I would love to see BOF2, Kim Hyun Joong bcuz of u i cant sleep cuz whenever i close my eyes i see u Saranghamnida….. Much love for Junpyo, Kim bum, Jandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisss Kisss Kisss Kisss Kisss Kisss Kisss Kisss Kisss

  124. Wow what a great show i wil treasure it for ever!Well Done

  125. l cant wait 4 da kiss l really like Junpyo how shwwwwwweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeeee…………………

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  127. i am in love of these serie .i am frpm algeria and the first time i saw these show i couldn t miss an episode of it it is great i hopee we seeeeeeeeeee boys over flowers 2 and thaks i am mean wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow they just nailed it by b.o.f and i love the hero and hate his mother and for the question i think is jun pyo

  128. Am heart broken, soulmates r suposed 2 end up 2gether, that is ji-hoo n jandi. Disapointed

  129. but what about jihoo and jandi jihoo was much better than joonpyo i liked them to be a couple

  130. its awesome. nd gu jin hoo is so mixi’nable person . mean get a good thing for his frnd he is so . lovers men . to gu jun pyo nd gun jan di i like her cus she is not care by the pples that doin her. but she get usually get think abt her long plan. i like it. am learn many thing frm the drama. contact me nznaty@gmail.coom

  131. boys before flowers is very very nice and like.i love boysss

  132. sarangheeeee jun pyoo

  133. atoke chine shimnika min hoooo????????????????????????????????????????????????

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