Yeah, it was the time to wrap up your favorite story.  I know how hard it must be to see the last episode of your favorite show.  It was the only fun that you had enjoyed for last few months but you have to find some other things to do.  You just hoped to see the wonderful ending for Jun-pyo and Jandi.  If that fits in your expectation, you can at least hold that image in your heart and feel happy about it.  However, if it is not, you just can’t have a good night sleep for a couple of days. 



Does it have a good ending?  I would say it was a moderate finish.  The producer couldn’t take any risk to ruin the fans’ fantasy.  I would do the same as he had done since fans react the most sensitive for the ending and he didn’t want to be nailed by any unexpected moves .  It shouldn’t be this way for the work but there is not much choice in front of hundreds of thousands of fans.  To prevent this problem, we should film all the episodes and then start playing on air like some other country’s mini series shows.



Jun-pyo lost his memory of Jandi after the accident and Yumi took his heart.  They were almost made through it but Jandi brought his memory back after she risked her life to throw herself into the pool at the party. 



Jun-pyo asked her to go overseas with him for marriage and study together but she refused for her own goal.  Kim Beom also flew out of Korea leaving Ga-eul behind.  They all promised them to come back in four years.  Guess what would happen later?  They all came back to their loves.  They became all so successful and happy and they came back where they belonged. 



They had to come back to their ladies because it is a fantasy story.  All of the female fans really wanted to see that the perfect prince Handsomes must think about their ladies for those four years and come straight back to them and propose for marriage.  It sounded no fun and too simple but there was no other episode to shoot and it had to be happy ending to make sure no female fans get angry.  It was the classic style of the ending and there were not much complain and not much praise either, at the same time. 





They were back to the Nam Mountain Tower again for dating.  It was where their first dating and spending a night stuck inside the cable car happened.  Jun-pyo asked her to go to America together but she said no. 



He came back to her and bent his knee for proposing.  The water and the sun looked so great for the background.  Who wouldn’t want to say no with that sort of awesome sight.  It is all about the location and timing.  But remember ladies!!!  The beautiful moment might be the once in a life time but you need to live with the guy who propose you for a very long time!!!  Don’t be too emotional.  Be smart.  I am practicing here to say these words to my daughters when they grow up.



All of a sudden, they were all together.  They all have big grins on their faces.  Was it because they all got together again or just so relieved to take the last scene?  I would do for the latter if I were there.


It is a video clip of Yeon yeah Suchup