Another popular drama was closed after having enjoyed so many loves and hates from the viewers.  I guess there were more people who loved it than those who hated it although there were so many yelling and fighting scenes.


The living ones in black and the dead ones in white.  Kyo-bin and Eri seemed to become some sorts of gods in the air.  They looks much happy with white clothes and floating in the air.  I hope this won’t give any wrong idea about suicide.

You might already know how it ended but I am going to tell you anyway.  Kyo-bin and Eri both committed suicide.  Yeah, they were evils and they deserved to die million times throughout the drama except the later parts of the episodes.  They realized their faults and tried to be nicer but it was too late for them.


The viewers had feeling for them and saved their lives and wanted to see something to make their miserable lives might be worthwhile because people all make mistakes after all.  However the producer already put their lives in a death row and waited the execution date while enjoying the viewers’ sympathy towards the two problematic human beings.


Some viewers like me wanted to see Eri’s cancer got cured and live with Kyobin happily without making any more troubles, or let Eri die in a hospital and apologize to everyone who she had broke his or her heart when she was healthy and ambitious.


Unfortunately the ending wasn’t the way I wanted but it showed that people could be changed into better and the justice was alive.  The producers and staffs of this drama were furious that the ending story was leaked before.  They had kept it a secret to surprise the viewers but it back bit them.  This leak also ruined the fun to watch the end scene for the viewers.  I hope this kind of stupidity would not happen again.


The all time average viewer rate was almost 40% which is rare and unique.  I have heard that people in Mongolia has been enjoying this drama in there.  It would be interesting to see their Mongolian dubbed version of Temptation of Wife.  I am sure that this popular drama will get lots of loves from other countries also.