The Last Episode of Temptation of Wife- Korean Drama

Another popular drama was closed after having enjoyed so many loves and hates from the viewers.  I guess there were more people who loved it than those who hated it although there were so many yelling and fighting scenes.

1 thumb21 The Last Episode of Temptation of Wife  Korean Drama

The living ones in black and the dead ones in white.  Kyo-bin and Eri seemed to become some sorts of gods in the air.  They looks much happy with white clothes and floating in the air.  I hope this won’t give any wrong idea about suicide.

You might already know how it ended but I am going to tell you anyway.  Kyo-bin and Eri both committed suicide.  Yeah, they were evils and they deserved to die million times throughout the drama except the later parts of the episodes.  They realized their faults and tried to be nicer but it was too late for them.

3 thumb14 The Last Episode of Temptation of Wife  Korean Drama

The viewers had feeling for them and saved their lives and wanted to see something to make their miserable lives might be worthwhile because people all make mistakes after all.  However the producer already put their lives in a death row and waited the execution date while enjoying the viewers’ sympathy towards the two problematic human beings.

2 thumb10 The Last Episode of Temptation of Wife  Korean Drama

Some viewers like me wanted to see Eri’s cancer got cured and live with Kyobin happily without making any more troubles, or let Eri die in a hospital and apologize to everyone who she had broke his or her heart when she was healthy and ambitious.

4 thumb13 The Last Episode of Temptation of Wife  Korean Drama

Unfortunately the ending wasn’t the way I wanted but it showed that people could be changed into better and the justice was alive.  The producers and staffs of this drama were furious that the ending story was leaked before.  They had kept it a secret to surprise the viewers but it back bit them.  This leak also ruined the fun to watch the end scene for the viewers.  I hope this kind of stupidity would not happen again.

5 thumb12 The Last Episode of Temptation of Wife  Korean Drama

The all time average viewer rate was almost 40% which is rare and unique.  I have heard that people in Mongolia has been enjoying this drama in there.  It would be interesting to see their Mongolian dubbed version of Temptation of Wife.  I am sure that this popular drama will get lots of loves from other countries also.


  1. marry me gu jun pyo….

  2. I’m from America and I enjoyed watching Temptation of Wife with English sub-titles, but I didn’t get to see it from the beginning. Is there any chance that this series will be released on DVD?

  3. they should have another chapter of this drama . here in singapore it just started airing . quite a good drama but abit up to the neck too . but anyway nice to jang seo hee’s acting

  4. Congrats to Temptation of Wife for winning so many awards at the SBS awards ceremony 2009!

    I did a review once on this drama and I highly recommend it to all

  5. Chuck> here in singapore, the dvd is already out :)

  6. it’s an excellent’s very popular in arabic countries also..we realy enjoyed it a lot nd we hope to too many other korean dramas that will fascinate us..i wanna say “congra” bc it’s really perfect :events.actors.actress and all team work of this drama♥

  7. hi iam sara from iran i like this drama but i think was very long. but I enjoyed watching Temptation of Wife with English sub-titles,

  8. if the ending is already reveled still the story is very fantastic, i salute to the writer and all the staff specially the one who acted the story. In behalf of pinoy we thank you all for making a story like this, this such kind of story touches many lives and this helps us to see and gain more idea of what real life is. THis also gives us more happiness w/c is the essences of life.
    More powers, More Movies and God bless you all.

  9. i really like watching temtation of wife,

  10. verry great!!!this koreanovelas really catched the heart of many filipinos!!!im so proud to be a part of asian citizen!!!!super great show!!!love it!!!koreans actors and actresses are really great!!!good job!!

  11. hi! i really love this one! my brotther and I enjoys ir well. the lead actress was really very good.. :) and i love min gun wu hehe

  12. Yeah.. This drama is filled with emotions…I can’t control myself from crying everytime I watch this. So pity for this woman…

  13. : hi… im bernice from philippines… i very like this drama so much. i enjoyed watching it with tagalog sub.titles..
    i love it so much..

  14. i love this asian noble love it so nice the actor and actress was very good i love marcel jung gosh i wanty to see him someday ….. more powers hehe

  15. im from philippines! im enjoying watching this novel,each story was very interesting and i cant wait for another day just to see this. dramatic but yet inspiring!

  16. same as me i love watching temptation of wife its make’s my day complete thats why i ask my mom to buy the tape of this movie when she is going to Korea for her business trip next 2 days i cant wait to watch the complete episode i was trying to download and look in some website but its very hard to find..
    its make me salute to the korean actor and actress b-cos of this drama.

  17. Benjoy Azote from philippines:

    I suspensetious in watching this kind of drama in tagalog sub-titles many people know and realized the essence of married!pls! produce this in a dvd.

  18. hi!!! im from the philippines also….. i really love to watch temptation of wife too….. its a really nice novel…. nice one jang seo hee!!!!

  19. i love to watch temtation of wife …
    not because i relate …,,,,
    but because they made realize other couples that they
    should be faithfull to each other ,,,,because we all know some of the couples
    want dvors because they thought
    that was the solution of there problem they dontknow that the one most
    affected in that kind of case is they’re children …..

    i love the role of Jang So Hee ,,
    because she is one of a kind wife …….,,,,
    i know there a lot of people like the character of Jang So Hee ,,

  20. i love it….
    the way …
    they …..

  21. temptation of wife is really a heart warming story of one woman who sacrifice everything for love… Lots of filipinos are very hooked in this korean drama as well as other drama titles with same plot story like my husband’s woman & a rosy life.

    I can say that korean artists are very good! the staff, the people behind the scenes…proud of u guys…feel the same way coz i am also working in tv production here in my country and doing or producing such quality shows is worth dying for:-)

    Love my work so much & my dream for now is to watch a live korean people working or taping…want 2 visit kbs & mbc.


  22. hi!i really love this drama…so much…

  23. hi!! I’m Pilar from Philippines. TEMPTATION OF WIFE is such a nice korean drama. I really love it! it is very exciting, thrilling, and the suspense is so good! i don’t even want to eat whenever I’m watching TOW. congratulations to the cast! i hope you guys would visit Philippines soon. Nigel, is so Handsome!

  24. i really like this drama too. at first i got mad to angelyn when she was doin nothing, even her husband are doing such thing in front of her….but this drama are full of revelation she give her rtevenge which i like most….korean drama another good and worth rremembering television series you’ve made…nice one

  25. i really love this drama (Temptation of wife) cause it is happen into the real life.. cause i am the one of people who can relate this drama. Nigel kim, is a good actor also Angeline she’s a brilliant actress! she’s my idol! since her “IRENE” drama


  27. i really enjoyed watching this drama series, angeline is a real good actress…

  28. very realistic story..nice jang so hee

  29. i really agree with all the people commented.. it is really nice to watch this kind of drama… i like each character’s role.. it’s very inspiring! with heidi’s role, she’s just portraying a very loving mother to her child.. wanting to give a good life for her son even if she will be hurting some people.. she’s desperate! with angeline, thumbs up for her character role! she’s really amazing woman and a wife! hoping there would be more woman like her!.. i salute this kind of drama! to everybody that composed this romance drama, keep up the good work! may you do more good as like this! god bless! i’m looking forward to the next projects you’ll do…..

  30. hi im richanne, the korean drama TEMPTATION OF WIFE is so very amazing, i really like it. so very touching …

  31. i really like this movie..tagalog version for im a filipino..
    i hate heidi shen in this movie..but thats ok for that was her rule in the movie…

  32. lahat halos kami d2 sa pilipinas nababaliw sa temptation of wife, dahil hndi lng ito nagpapakompleto ng araw namin kundi pati narn nakapag bibigay ng saya at aral sa lahat ng mga mag asawa pati na rin sa buong pamilya. MORE POWER SA LAHAT NG BUMUBUO NG TEMPTATION OF WIFE PATI NARIN SA MGA ARTISTA NITO… CONGRATULATIONS

  33. ang ganda nag potos ninyo salamat sapinalabas ninyo sa tempta of wife

  34. i love you ………………………. thank you sapinalabas ninyo my name is daniella 7 years old i love you gong

  35. i reaaly like this story…….its full of terrible scenes and.congrats for the association who made this kind of story…nice 1

  36. ToW is a big hit here in the Philippines. We hope that the cast could visit our country since we’re both in Asia and Filipinos love Koreans. =)

  37. nice drama im interested in this story +) philipines!

  38. i love watching temptation of wife….its a nice drama for i wish some of its cast will visit philippines someday….
    AND I LOVE LEE JAE HWANG(min gun wu)very much…LOL

  39. im so impressed because this korean drama is so inspiring….
    i love their cast especially jang seo hee(angeline goo) and lee jae hwang(Min gun wu)
    because of these show..ican truly say that korean drama are not good…..
    love it so much…!!!

  40. The writer of this story have a experience the same in the story of he/she write?
    because its so nice..I’m so fan of this korean story..

  41. hi! I’m charlotte from philippines. I really have a good time watching your show,
    it… It’s so exciting…And really shantal had her new look…. And also nigel is so very handsome…..

  42. i love it really!!!!!!!!

  43. the best koreanovela in philiphippines………….naijel cute mo..the a characters is the best..hope ther will be part 2 or another movie or koreanovela.more power and godbless us!

  44. insa I’m from the philippines. And I always enjoy watching korea novelas because they’re so unique.. I hope to see more here in the phils.

  45. INSA. I’m from the philippines..I’ve always enjoyed watching korean dramas because they’re so unique..I hope to see more…

  46. i love it so mch.

  47. go! go! go! I know you can do it angeline all people ho can hurts u they can turn them back hw u feels! just fight how u feel kaya mo sila lahat mahigante ka ! i really like ur rule so pls. dont give still fight>>>>>>>>>

  48. I really love “TEMPTATION OF WIFE”… it shows you how important to be faithful and honest not only to your self but also to your loved ones.. It is not bad to be ambitious but you should learn how to show respect and your limitations. This show is really AWESOME and FABULOUS..! great show! excited to watch the ending.. it is still airing here in the Philippines.. =)

  49. I love it soooo much.. :)

  50. i love watching temptation of wife…for me, this is the best Korea novela!!!

  51. d best tlaga ang temptation of wife txt me pag usapan natin ok/??09351736938

  52. i love watching temptation of wife

    ilove all d drama haha

    add me at my fb girls only

  53. This koreanovela is definitely very fantastic ! we have our TV’s in our school. all students watch and love it very much ! we love it because it is owesome and can learnt a lesson and most of all a beautiful story.JANG SEO HEE as ANGELINE GOO in our country here in Philippines.Honestly,we can not resist to watch it ! even our teachers , instead of discussing a lesson they joined with us to watch the koreanovela TEMPTATION OF WIFE!we love it very much !by da way.LEE JAE HWANG as NIGEL MIN here ! :)) :D lovelotz !

  54. Just wanna say that this is definitely one of the best Korean dramas ever aired in the Philippines. I’m enjoying all the characters and they’re all good actors! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  55. .,., wow,! nigel is so cute.,!. ,i love (angeline goo)shantal and nigel,.!. . they really have the looks. ,,.i always watch it after school. ,
    .,., love it.!. ,.more koreanovelas please.,.,,

  56. I’m from Philippines…i always find time to watch this Korean Drama for i love the Charaters of Angeline Goo and Nigel min..they’re perfect for each other..This is the no. 1 Korean Drama in the Philippines. It is currently aired in GMA 7. More power to Korean Dramas…..

  57. ..For me this is the second greatest Korean Drama I’ve ever..After the Great Queen Seon Deok. I really admired GMA7 for choosing this drama. Temptation of Wife. Ever more power to no. 1TV Network. and also to Korean drams

  58. hi I’m Nieken from Philippines I love every scene of temptation of wife I have troubles with m y studies because I was addicted to it, I been watching each episode everyday and i was absent from school because of i can’t help but watch it….I love Nigel and Chantal men because their both stunning and gorgeous couple ….wow the one who played the role of Haydi Shen was really effective in making the viewers hate her in ruining everyone’s life in the story … you’ve got my heart ……i love Korean drama….GOD Speed more power….@_@
    Angeline GO MAHAL KITA……………….

  59. hey , Im Josh 12 years old from Philippines.
    and OMG this show was so great !
    I love it ! Go Angeline (Shantal Min) :D

    Love it !

  60. im from the philippines..the temtation of wife it’s the best drama series this year 2010-2011 here in the philippines i like the story…i thought all filipino we relate the story..CONGRATS all cast of series…i hope we visit all cast of temtation of wife here in the philippines…good luck!!!..see yah!!…….

  61. hi i’m from phillipines ipinapanood ko ang temptation sa tv pero nasasabik na ako kung ano ang mangyayari sa huli kaya bumili ako ng cd haha my bestfriend and i really love it .. hi angela comment ka din dito ah !! ai love angeline/shontall

  62. hi, im marianie, wow its such a nice film, you know i really love it.
    coz it means to me about lovelife.
    anyway, its the best drama that i have seen.

    Wow!!! i love temptation of wife!!!

  63. hi im marianie,
    wow i love it
    you know “temptation of wife means
    to me as a great history of lovelife.\
    anyway, thank you for that nice drama

    wow!!! i love temptation of wife

  64. It is an eye opener to D-Ivy-L woman and to all unfaithful and insecure husband there…

  65. nigel ur so cute, i want to blowjob you

  66. me and my mom are so crazy about this series,,,,, everybody is,,,

  67. ….gwapo ni nigel…i luv him sOoOoO much…heheh

  68. kah8 paulit ulit nio panoorin d kau mgsswa pramis

  69. Hi i’m marge. Super love this korean drama! Never thought I’ll get addicted to it. Was able to watch it because my kids yayas were watching and i sat down with them, from that time on, i was already hooked, and if i get to miss an episode, i would watch it thru you tube! Congrats fir a job well done!

  70. the best….i really love it….i hope philippines will have our version…

  71. i love to watch temptation of wife………………

    gosh xuper cute and gwapo ni naijel…

    xuper bagay cla ni angeline………….

    this is the best telenovela that i ever seen………

  72. i love to watch temptation of wife………………

    gosh xuper cute and gwapo ni naijel…

    xuper bagay cla ni angeline………….

    this is the best koreanovela that i ever seen………

  73. i really like temptation of wife..!nice story,match with a great actors and actresses..i love korean movies from philippines!

  74. nice korean drama….wala ng martir ngayon..hahahaha palaban na..salamat sa mga pinapalabas nyo kasi nakakainspire…

  75. my fvr8 movie today..
    d best

  76. da best korean drama ever,…..

  77. Temptation of Wife (Lure of Wife) was a highly watched drama in South Korea broadcasted by SBS. It began to air in 2008 and continued through the early quarter of 2009, ending on May 1, 2009. Despite many controversies about the questionable content of the drama, it currently remains to be one of the most highly watched dramas averaging around 30% each day, and the cast winning several awards including the Daesang (Grand Prize) for lead actress Jang Seo Hee at the SBS Drama Awards.
    In the Philippines, It was dubbed in Tagalog, and premiered last October 4, 2010 by GMA Network. It is currently the highest rating daytime program in the Philippines beating even primetime shows of GMA.


  78. i llllllllllloooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee watching temptetion of wife and also my lola she’s very fun watching it

  79. wow i really love this korean drama. i bought my own CDs and even bought another one when the 2nd CD couldnt play, it has 129 episodes and would you believe i have to be absent from work because i watch it till 3 am the following day and cant report for work, my eyes puffing from crying, (cant apply make-up, hehehe) . Thats how i am addicted (including some of my relatives in the house) watching this korean drama. i would sometimes watch via computer in the office during break time but not contented coz has no subtitle in english (maybe the computer does not allow subtitle) i just finished it 3 days ago. if continously you would watch it without intervention it would take 3 days. any congrats t the makers of this movie.

  80. I’m 13 years old but I don’t like missing every episode of it

  81. I’m just 13 years old but I don’t like missing any episode of it.

  82. ”temptation of wife”

    you know what i’m your avid viewer on that movie. i did not escape each ipisode that happen every day. before i wash the dishes i see first , if what the next happen……………………………………………….next

    If i have a chance i want to see the cast of temptation wife in personally, I really really like this korean drama ……………… i can’t say one episode i can say my day is not complte some thing lack in one day

  83. i’m grecel son from philippines………………………………………….. ””’ temptation of wife”””’ ohhhhhhhhhhhh super killig jud kaau
    i like it very much, even im not follow on the first happen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but when i see it once ………….. i really like…………… can’t feel my life is not bored,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.it’s nice episode and we can get more lessons out of it………….in our daily lives

  84. i love it temtaion of wife tagalog version feeling ko mga inday ako c angiline goo at siyempre channel 7 yata ang nagplabas nyan at wla kang ktulad 7

  85. i love it temtaion of wife tagalog version feeling ko mga inday ako c angiline goo at siyempre channel 7 yata ang nagplabas nyan at wla kang ktulad 7

  86. standing ovation talaga grabe..nakarelate ako ng bonngang itong story para sa kagaya kong certfied obsess sa temptation of wife…

  87. wow… i can’t wait to watch this ep…

  88. marry me lee jae hwang =)

  89. W love love love Temptation of Wife! I’m from the Philippines and it got the highest rating of noon time shows (higher than that of prime time series!) We love Jang Seo-Hee ang Lee Jae-Hwang! ♥♥♥

  90. filme muito bom,J’aime vraiment le min caractères woo armes à feu
    suppose there really such a person

    a very good movie



  93. Annyong haseyo! I love Temptation of Wife sooo much, specially the last song played while Jang Seo Hee and Lee Jae Hwang are at the beach… does anyone know what’s the title of the song? Please tell me I’m dying to know what it is! I love the song so much because it relates in my life…

  94. watch it all the time, just hated these past few episodes when eri’s sort of winning again… sucks.. hated the bitch..

  95. I love this drama too.

  96. whoa…it is so uniqe!!amazing…but theone who wrote ‘i love gu jun pyo is insane..moron.ahaha

  97. i admire temptation of wife so much

  98. can’t forgive is the title of the song

  99. ..I am a huge fan of this story although I prefer ABS-CBN channel…

  100. hi,im jen,i really love this drama so much….marami tayong natutunan na huwag pilitin ang tao kung ayaw na saiyo…..kc end d end babalik rin cya sa tunay na mahal nya….kung pinilit m sya panandalian lamang nasa kanya ka,pero sa puso nya hindi ikaw ang laman….

  101. hi,im je. from phil. i really love this drama

  102. best drama….

  103. all the characters of this drama is so really excellent. you can learn many lessons specially for the people who married.i really really like this korean drama of gma 7

  104. i love watching temptation of wife….kahit pauit ulit.we used to sleep l8 at nyt watching the dvd

  105. i rrrrelllyyy likeee it…!!!!love you nigel…see you n church….love you glen

  106. Hi, i’m from Indonesia. I really like this drama. Very touchy with a neat story line. I think this is the best korean drama. And also this drama is popular in Indonesia.
    I really love Temptation of Wife / Cruel Temptation ( in Indonesia )

  107. i really love this drama,and i love byun woo min too.

  108. thanks to Farsi 1 channel that made it possible for iranian to see this lovely serial.

  109. It was lousy in my opinion till after about episode 45. Up till then the main gal acted stupid and wimpy. Characters like that bore me.

  110. I love watching Temptation of Wife…,,,, but honestly about the ending, I am not happy…. they need to apologize and suffer not just die…….. the actors and actresses are so good…. especially in Filipino actors/actresses….. I think that Glaiza de Castro took that seriously….. I hope she’s not like that in real life!…?… God bless and more power to all of you.

  111. Ang ganda ng Temptation of wife,sana iuulit uli kasi hanga ako sa original kaysa sa Philippine version,ang OA pa at maganda yung storya at yung ending…
    Yung ending pa naman ang gusto ko panoorin!

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